Your skin is the reflection of your health! Healthy and glowing skin reflects the healthy body and organ systems. In some cases, skin loses its glow without any major health problem but there may always be some underlying reason that needs a remedy. To make things better, here are few things that you may know about skin pigmentation to keep your skin glowing and flawless to reflect your healthy self!

Skin Pigmentation

Pigmentation – The Uneven Skin Tone

The uneven skin tone, having either light or dark patches is called pigmentation. Some may suffer from a dark patch on skin that is also known as Hyperpigmentation and is caused because of more melanin concentration in that area. Similarly, many people would suffer from lighter shade patch on a certain area of skin, which is popularly known as Hypopigmentation and is caused due to lack of melanin in that area. Melanin is responsible for the skin tone and melanin imbalance would cause skin pigmentation of either type.

Reasons for Pigmentation

The main reason for pigmentation is melanin imbalance but to cure this, it is important to know the reasons for melanin imbalance. Some common reasons for melanin imbalance are –

  • Prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Effect of certain medication.
  • Disorders caused in auto immune mechanism.
  • Genetic issue.
  • Lack of vital nutrition in food.
  • Injury.
  • Allergy to certain skin products.

All of the above causes are amongst the common reasons for skin pigmentation, however, these causes may vary depending on the type of pigmentation. Different types of pigmentation are –

Albinism – A complete absence of melanin making entire skin and hair go light in color is called Albinism and is different from the skin pigmentation found in patches. Even Albinism starts with light colored patches on skin followed by discoloration of skin and hair completely, but it may require a different line of treatment. Only a doctor can differentiate between normal pigmentation and albinism through physical examination or diagnostic tools like black light test and Wood’s lamp.

Melasma – The main cause for this type of pigmentation is melanin imbalance caused by sun exposure. Oral contraceptives and hormonal imbalance can also be the reason for this type of pigmentation.

Freckles – Freckles are mostly hereditary, but may worsen due to extreme sun exposure. It is mainly found in people with a light complexion.

In some cases, the doctor may also suggest a biopsy of skin to rule out any possibility of skin cancer. However, there are very slim chances of skin cancer and usually, the cause of pigmentation won’t be life-threatening.

Remedies for Pigmentation

Here are some simple remedies for pigmentation that can be used to prevent and cure the unwanted patches on your skin.

  • Avoid direct sunlight and always apply sunscreen before stepping out of your home.
  • Chemical skin peels carried out by a professional dermatologist can lighten the patches caused by hyperpigmentation.
  • Keep the skin moisturized all the time with topical creams and high water intake.
  • Dermabrasion treatment also works but when carried out under professional supervision.

Make your skin speak about your health and let your health reflect on your skin with little effort and lots of care.

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