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The term HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone found in females at the time of pregnancy. HCG is a growth hormone important for the healthy growth of the fetus.

This is the reason why more HCG is released in the female body as the pregnancy advances.

Research and studies carried out over years on this hormone have proved that this growth hormone can actually work for better metabolism and healthy weight loss in individuals.

The benefits offered by this hormone have been extended to individuals in the form of HCG drops and injection.

While a lot is being talked about the benefits offered by this hormone, a common question that comes to one’s mind is whether this hormone is equally beneficial to men?

Can men take this hormone, which is otherwise found in females? Are there any side-effects for men taking HCG?

The above questions about HCG for men are commonly raised due to the nature and origin of this hormone, but here are some simple reasons why men should also take HCG for their health advantage.

How HCG works?

HCG works differently for men and women. In men, HCG works for producing testosterone. It acts much like Luteinizing Hormone (LH), which signals the testicles to release testosterone.

HCG production in males is very low compared to females, however many similarities are found between HCG and LH. Hence, an increase in HCG levels in the male body may result in an increase in testosterone levels too.

LH usually functions only during sleeping hours, which means that testosterone production reduces if the person doesn’t take enough sleep, which is quite possible in today’s fast lifestyle where getting enough sleep is just a dream!

HCG on other hand functions effectively even in the event of sleep deprivation. It works efficiently in correcting the sexual dysfunction by making the androgen receptors more responsive and activating pituitary gland to release more of growth hormones.

Benefits of HCG for men

As mentioned above, HCG is instrumental in increasing testosterone levels and androgen activity. This would result in many health benefits in men as mentioned here.

  • Increase in energy levels resulting in increased strength and activity level. HCG boosts the hormones that boost the mood for increased happiness and vigor.
  • Men can increase their lean muscle mass while reducing the fat mass for the leaner body. Those undergoing weight training can benefit from HCG administration for better bodybuilding.
  • Those facing fertility issues can increase the sperm count with HCG.
  • HCG is known to be increasing testosterone levels that gives rise to penile growth and testicular growth.
  • HCG in men would also work for increasing the bone density of healthier bones and joints. Many bone issues like arthritis, osteoarthritis, and joint inflammation can be checked effectively with HCG administration.
  • Studies have shown a noticeable increase in red blood cell levels in men administered with HCG. The substantial increase in libido levels has also been witnessed with HCG.
  • Apart from all of the above advantages, HCG also aids weight loss in men just like women. HCG offers faster weight loss without affecting energy levels. It can quite effectively reduce excess weight when clubbed with recommended dietary and lifestyle changes.

HCG is known as pregnancy hormone that is produced more in the female body, however, it can be equally beneficial to men when correctly administered.

HCG can be administered as drops or injections. HCG drops are mainly administered to those who are targeting weight loss, whereas HCG injections are found to be more beneficial for the men targeting other health benefits of HCG.

However, HCG drops are more popular as they are very easy to administer and can be taken without any medical assistance.

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