LED Light Therapy Mask

As time goes on, the skin becomes less firm and elastic as a result of exposure to weather and its harmful effects.

Two proteins that sustain skin structure are elastin and collagen. Enhancing the production rate of these proteins can remove fine lines, wrinkles, tone your skin and enhance your complexion in general.

One very fast and easy way to rejuvenate the skin this way is to use a LED light therapy mask. This treatment, particularly for the face, makes use of three separate light modes to fight acne, wrinkles, and scars. In just one session, there can be visible results of the benefits of using LED lights for skin treatment. Another positive side of using LED Light Therapy Mask is that it is very safe. LEDs do not contain ultraviolet rays and do not burn on the skin like another kind of anti-aging treatment. It makes LEDs appropriate for all types of skin and different skin colors. Very rarely it can cause redness and inflammation.

What does it entail?

The normal procedure for a facial with LED light therapy begins with the esthetician who has gotten medical training applying hot steam on your face to get your pores open and get your face ready for treatment.

After that, the esthetician would employ various products for cleansing and exfoliation. Lactic acid and ultrasound exfoliation are also included. The LED light therapy mask will be worn for 20 minutes and the correct light mode will be employed in handling the problems peculiar to you.

If you have skin that is easily affected by acne, your esthetician may end the treatment by using a high-frequency tool to kill the bacteria. Just have a discussion with her to ensure you fully grasp the whole process and their effects on your skin.

On the LED light therapy mask, red and pink light modes are used the most because they enhance the production of collagen.

If there are wrinkles or fine lines on your brow, eye or mouth areas, those modes will be used by your esthetician the enhance circulation and decrease inflammation this is very helpful for post-treatment healing using a microneedle or laser. The red or pink light moods will also reach the oil glands in your skin and induce a reduction in the production of substances that cause acne, that is if your skin is predisposed to acne. But the blue light mode treats acne with the highest effectivity.

Blue Light mode – Acne remover

The blue LED light is reputed to bring about the oxygen radicals that destroy acne-causing bacteria without harming the healthy skin surrounding the affected area.

The advantage of treating acne with the blue LED light is that it does not cause peeling or dryness like benzoyl peroxide or products applied topically. It does not cause pain, no harm to pregnant or nursing mothers and no downtime.

Clients have seen that after 3 days of getting this treatment, inflamed cysts growing beneath the skin pre-treatment subsides.

LED light therapy produces results that accumulate with time. Hence, it is recommended that clients get treatment every week for about 8-10 weeks to achieve maximum results.

White-light mode – Scar healer

Because the white light of an LED light therapy mask possesses the longest wavelength, it has the highest depth of skin penetration.

The white light is used for different skin healing effects like skin toning and tightening, acne-scar healing, removal of dark spots and sunburns and decreasing inflammation.

A lot of persons suffering from bad skin treatment because of acne. Therefore, the quick healing effects of the white LED light can be very helpful to them. As said earlier, several treatments will produce optimal results and can stop aging signs thereby giving way for the skin to glow in the future.

LED facial masks otherwise called color light therapy makes use of specific wavelengths void of UV light to enhance the production of collagen, boost circulation, get rid of acne, destroy bacteria and quicken skin healing.

Tapping into the natural power of LED light will ensure that those facials produce amazing skin healing that is very long-lasting.

What is the cost?

Normally, one single LED light therapy procedure costs between $20 and $90, depending very much on your location, the quality of the apertures and if you combine with some other treatment. Another option is to use home LED kits that cost usually between $20 and $300.

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