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If you haven’t added collagen to your skincare routine, the time to do it is now. Collagen makes your skin look young and firm.

Sadly, collagen breaks down as we age and deal with environmental and life stressors.

Even though it is impossible to bring back all of the collagen our bodies had when we were younger, it is possible to strengthen and protect what we still have.

What Collagen Does

The easiest way to see what collagen does is by smiling. When you smile, you get little creases around your mouth, eyes, and cheeks.

When you stop smiling, the creases smooth back out – that’s collagen doing its job. But, as you age, the creases start to stick around because collagen starts to break down.

Adding collagen to your skincare routine can reduce the creases and lines that pop up as you age. Browse at Circcell to see the options that are available. With collagen-filled skincare products, your skin will look plump and youthful.

Protect Your Skin While You Improve Your Skin

To help collagen do its job, it is important that you protect your skin from environmental damage. Free radicals cause significant damage to the skin by breaking down collagen.

Sun damage, pollution, and stress force our bodies to create free radicals by weakening collagen fibers and wiping out the healthy fibers.

Along with using collagen-filled skincare products, you should also make some lifestyle changes:

  1. Use skincare products with SPF
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Eat healthy foods
  4. Begin using collagen immediately
  5. Avoid spending time in heavily polluted areas
  6. Stop smoking
  7. Get enough sleep

Collagen does more than making the skin look healthy and young. As you use it in your skincare routine, you will see your wrinkles subside. They may not completely disappear, but you will notice your skin tone improve.

Add Collagen Supplements for More Benefits

Some people take collagen supplements and they have found benefits to more than their skin’s elasticity and hydration. After taking collagen supplements for two months, some people found a reduction in joint pain and relief from osteoarthritis.

They also saw an improvement in their nails, too. Since collagen is all over the body in the organs, joints, muscles, bones, hair, and blood vessels, it makes sense that adding it to your body externally and internally would make noticeable improvements.

Along with collagen-filled skincare products like collagen water and, other products will help boost your body’s natural collagen production.

Use skincare products with Vitamin-A retinoids and peptides to complement the collagen-filled products.

Consider Dietary Changes

What you eat can also increase collagen products or at least decrease the destruction of collagen. Add foods that fight inflammation and have antioxidant properties.

By adding foods like blueberries and sweet potatoes, your body can be better prepared to fight free radicals that destroy collagen and add wrinkles and creases to your face.

It can be helpful to add other supplements, like the amino acid L-lysine as well as vitamins A and C and grapeseed extract, to your beauty regimen, too. These supplements help support collagen production.

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