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Are you looking to renovate your kitchen for a long time and make some space?

Get them some kitchen space, maybe?) but don’t know where to begin?

We have a perfect guide for you. We have some pretty awesome DIY stuff for all of you.

Have a look at them and begin your renovation.

So, let’s begin!

1. Turn an old office supply organizer into a DIY kitchen supply organizer

We all have several of these mesh office supply organizers lying around for sure. So, why should we not put them to good use?

Hang some on the wall by your kitchen sink and store all your dish soap and sponges inside it. The mesh helps to drain water for a mold-free sponge space and happier you.

There are many modern smart kitchens appliances like Rotimatic which can automate cooking for you.

Just be sure to put a small tray underneath to catch all the drippage.

2. Mount a dish drying rack to the wall

If you’re feeling crafty, which you probably are since you’re reading this list of kitchen storage hacks, build a vertically integrated drying rack using a BYGEL rail, two BYGEL wire baskets, S-hooks, and a cutlery caddy.

You’ll surely free up your counter space and get some extra kitchen storage space for your rotimatic. Which should be dry because you’re also going to place a towel or rag underneath the drying rack to catch any drips.

Fill your kitchen with the latest gadgets you can check rotimatic reviews and bring this advanced roti maker in your kitchen. it will save you time and effort.

3. Get a towel holder and attach it to the inside of your kitchen sink

Feeling futuristic yet?

Add this small magnetic cloth holder to your life. Combine it with the hanging dish drying rack and you’ve just made doing the dishes an entirely self-contained job.

4. Get a sponge holder and hang it on the wall and sink faucet

This silicone sponge holder is great at storing your sponge on the inside of your sink and cutting out the grossness that can often result from a wet sponge left on a counter.

And if you can combine the sponge holder with the in-sink towel holder, you’ll be a sink space-saving pro out there!

5. DIY a pull-out cutting board with a hole in the middle

Kill two birds with one stone by DIY-ing a pull-out cutting board with a hole in the middle.

It maximizes your counter space since you can hide it in your drawer. It makes your meal prep way more efficient since you can quickly toss trimmings directly into your trash can. It is so genius we wish we thought of it ourselves.

Brownie points for using a wooden cutting board, which studies have shown can be more sanitary than a plastic cutting board in the long run.

6. Hack a drawer into a utensil organizer

Ladles lying strewn everywhere? Spatulas sleeping where they shouldn’t be? Whisks every which where?

Tear a page out of any book lying around with no use and turn one of your other drawers into a pull-out utensil organizer.

7. Stash cooking and eating utensils in Mason jars.

Though this tutorial from The DIY Playbook is for a bathroom organizer, it’s versatile enough that you can use it whenever you wish in your home.

Including in your kitchen, where the mason jars would look particularly nice filled with spoons, forks, cooking utensils, and a few flowers to brighten things up.

The steps are pretty simple: Find a piece of wood you love, give it a good stain, drill a few hose clamps into the wood, attach the Mason jars, and hang it up.

Depending on what you wish to store, you can even use jars of different sizes, which makes this project perfect for freeing up precious drawer space.

8. Store utensils in floating tin cans

Another great way to get utensils out of your drawers and into a more creative storage setup is to build a shelf out of tin cans and a piece of wood. It’ll get your kitchen a nice rustic vibe while definitely freeing up some drawer or cabinet space.

9. Store utensils in floating tin cans that are as pretty as you are

These DIY utensil cans are very similar to the tin can shelf. The only difference is these cans hang on a metal rod that doubles as a hand towel rack.

Also, since everything is all in one place, you can hang the rod at eye level, which assures no more bending down when you need a dish rag or a spoon.

10. Upcycle a wood pallet into a silverware holder

This silverware holder will add a chic vintage look to your kitchen while freeing up some drawers. (You know, in case you want to make a drawer paper towel dispenser. Or drawer cutting board. Or maybe something else.)

11. Dispense paper towel from a drawer

If you can spare a drawer, convert it to a paper towel dispenser. It makes clean-up a no-brainer, and you can even store your backup rolls there too.

12. Dispense vegetables from drawers

Have the resources and let’s face it — motivation, ambition, and wish) to convert the space under your sink into a whole cabinet.

Try to add a few sliding wicker basket drawers. They’re appropriate for storing vegetables (such as potatoes, onion, and beets) that can be kept in dark temperate places.

That’s all for now. We have tried our best to come up with the easiest and most innovative DIY tricks and tips for all of you. For more updates, you can check this on rotimatic Facebook.

I hope you liked our kitchen DIY article.

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