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Science confirms that you can do something to prevent breast sagging after pregnancy. After all, you’ve just gone been through an emotional and physical rollercoaster. You don’t need the agitation of dealing with breast sagging too.

These tips reduce breast pain and stress – and may also effectively defeat breast sagging.

So take a deep breath. Scroll down and expand what you know about maintaining breast health.

Tips to Prevent Breast Sagging After Pregnancy

1. Massage with Olive Oil


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While it’s common that breastfeeding and pregnancy can affect breast shape and size. It’s all about the breast muscles and blood flow. There’s a shift in movement in the fatty and connective in the breast. Causing pain, discomfort, sagging, and looseness.

While it’s not realistic to expect your breasts to go back to their pre-pregnancy shape. You can keep them healthy and firm. To do so, massaging with essential oils, like olive oil, regularly is necessary.

Olive oil contains plenty of antioxidants that firm skin and offer to heal. Warm the olive oil a bit and gently rub it into the breasts to make the skin firm and bouncy.

Other oils like coconut, almond, or primrose have skin-firming and healing properties.

2. Wear a Supportive Bra


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There are a plethora of bras for sagging breasts. When women think of pregnancy, the only kind of bra that pops into their heads is nursing or maternity bra. But the good bra for sagging breasts is also necessary.

It provides much-needed support to pregnancy breasts. And there are many reasons why you need it – not just for breast sagging. It’s a science that your breasts will increase in size during pregnancy. After pregnancy, due to breastfeeding, the shape changes too.

It can be hard to get your breasts to stay firm and upright. And with a child, you’ve got to wear a bra 24 hours a day! So what do you do? You wear a bra that supports your ligaments and promotes better blood flow to your breasts. Not a push-up or a demi-cup or a lacy bra.

It has got to be breathable, firm, and supportive. With a solid structure, you reduce bounce which directly affects sagging. That’s right. If your breasts bounce less in a bra, there’s a slimmer chance of breast sagging. (See also: 5 Ways to Lift Your Breasts Naturally (#3 Is The Most Effective))

3. Exercise Regularly


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It’s a common myth to assume you can’t work out for months after pregnancy. Even during pregnancy, there’s a lot you can do to maintain well-being and health. Such as yoga, cardio, and even strength training. No kidding!

Exercising regularly is actually good for you and your baby. It relieves back pain, fatigue, builds stamina, and improves digestion.

About breast sagging, the breast is muscle and skin. So you can do skin-tightening and firming exercises. Opt for lightweight exercises coupled with yoga and cardio. Focus on more back and abdominal workouts to make the skin tighter.

Most of the time, breasts may appear saggy because of incorrect posture. That’s another thing regular exercise corrects. It maintains an erect spine with your shoulders down and back so your chest muscles are relaxed but firm.

4. Eat Healthily

Just as how olive oil, which is high in antioxidants, can keep your breasts perky and firm. Foods rich in antioxidants filter out the oxidants from inside out. Improving digestion, increasing collagen intake, and nutrient absorption.

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals are essential. They reverse the effects of oxidants in the bloodstream. And flush out toxic chemicals too. Hence, impact skin health and tissues in a positive manner. (See also: 5 Superfoods to Eat During Pregnancy)

If foods aren’t enough, you may consult a doctor for nutrient supplements. Such as collagen, minerals, vitamin C, etc. All these nutrients are naturally-available in fruits like oranges, cucumbers, berries, and tomatoes.

5. Make Lifestyle Changes


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It’s about the little changes as much as it is about the big changes. This includes not smoking, sleeping on your stomach, and drinking lots of water. You can’t underestimate the power of a good lifestyle and a healthy routine.

As you keep up such a lifestyle, not just during pregnancy, you will see long-term changes. Better posture, tight and firm skin, less fatigue, high stamina. All these are just a few benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

So these tips to prevent breast sagging after pregnancy may just solve a lot of your problems!

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot you go through during and after pregnancy. And it’s not worth it to feel alone or ill-equipped. You can just as boldly follow these tips to prevent breast sagging after pregnancy.

Among so many post-natal issues women go through. Such as post-partum depression, constipation, back pain, and heavy bleeding. Breast sagging is not a serious concern and can be dealt with. Dive into this article to understand why you should take care of your breasts after pregnancy.

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