Smartphone usage has phenomenally increased in the past few decades and not just among adults but also among teenagers as well.

Statistically, one in every five teenagers has a smartphone and the numbers are constantly increasing.

However, researchers are frequently riddled with the idea that whether all this gadgetry usage is even healthy and good for teenagers or not.

There are many social, emotional, physical, and psychological side effects of using smartphones.

Derived and combined from many sources, here is a list of the good and bad aspects of the intense smartphone age among teenagers.

Smartphone Use among Teens

The Good

Whether you believe it or not, but this intense smartphone usage comes with a number of benefits as well. Here’s how.

  1. Warding off “back to school strain”:

Research has found out that mothers feel that with smartphones their kids are better able to adjust to the back-to-school routines and easily integrate themselves into their classrooms and among peers.

  1. Keeping tabs on your kids whereabouts:

With growing safety and security concerns, parents are better able to keep track of their teen’s whereabouts through smartphones. This can be done via spy and monitoring applications with tracking features.

  1. Managing instant contact

Mothers have claimed that with smartphones they can maintain round-the-clock contact with their teens especially when they are away.

  1. Tracking their virtual existence

Social media is said to be a teen’s personal canvas. And with smartphones and the advent of monitoring applications, parents can now easily track their teen’s social media usage and determine different sanctions based on it.

  1. Keeping tabs on their social circle

A person is identified by the company he keeps and the kind of circles your teen gets involved with will stick around for a long time to come.

Therefore as a parent, you can easily keep tabs on who your teen talks to and hangs out with.

  1. Sharing cherished memories

There are times when you send your teen off to study abroad or they may go travel the globe with their friends. Similarly, the case could be reversed and you may be away.

In either case scenario, with smartphones, you can always be virtually present with your kid by sharing media and having video calls frequently.

  1. Helpful with studies

Different applications installed on smartphones have shown a lot of help, especially with studies. For example, NASA and Khan Academy.

  1. Nonstop entertainment

The Bad

  1. Texting and driving

Teenagers may become involved with fatal accidents if they are addicted to their phones especially when texting and driving.

  1. Physical ailments

Constantly using smartphones can place a lot of stress on the neck and shoulder muscles. There are also cases of numb arms and elbows that place strain on the hands and fingers.

  1. Negligent physical activity

Teens that are addicted to their smartphones are seldom found enjoying different sports and recreational activities involving physical play.

  1. Sleeping problems

Smartphones emit harmful blue rays that are said to mess up the sleep and wake cycle.

  1. Costly Endeavour for parents

With emerging trends teens are always asking parents for new upgrades smartphones along with hefty data packages which may prove costly.

  1. Nonstop distraction

Teenagers may not concentrate on their studies and other activities when they are constantly using smartphones.

  1. Sharing personal information

Today everything happens via smartphones therefore, teenagers may find themselves sharing personal information that could be fatal in the wrong hands.

  1. Couch potato brains

Smartphone addiction can sometimes prove to be the basis of other addictions like drugs and alcohol.

  1. Adult content
  1. Involved in the wrong circles


Mobiles and smartphones have become a necessity in today’s era. Without a smartphone, you are practically cut off from the whole world.

However, while the smartphone helps you stay in touch with your loved one’s whereabouts and activities, at the same time; its misuse can become harmful to your daily life.

People who are constantly addicted to their smartphones occasionally develop a phantom smartphone disorder as well where they falsely believe that their phone has vibrated in their pocket which inevitably makes them check their phone.

Similarly, there are many other issues as well, therefore, developing a clear balance is important.

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