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There is nothing better than finding out that something absolutely luxurious and delicious, like eating chocolate and drinking coffee, is actually healthy.

There are actually therapeutic benefits to luxuriating in a long, hot bath. The Japanese practice of onsen, bathing in warm pools on the night of the solstice, for example, and the well known Roman bath-houses.

Even religious Baptisms are steeped in our long-standing cultural practices surrounding bath-time.

So what’s so wonderful about getting in the tub?

Of course, it feels nice to soak in warm water. It’s like a cozy womb-like a cocoon. But the enjoyment of baths extends beyond just feeling warm and comfortable.

Not only does bathing in general offer you sensations of warmth and ease, but it actually creates a space and time for your mind and your body to step away from its stressors and simply relax into floating.

Take that relaxation to another level when you add in essential oil-infused bath bombs. Now this luxurious ritual is not just physical, but sensual too.

Here are our favorite reasons for drawing a bath tonight.

Baths Can Help You Sleep

The advantages of sleeping efficiency are well known, but many also fail to understand how they can really reach a successful eight hours sleep each night.

At night, our body temperatures decline, which creates the production of melatonin, our natural sleep hormone.

Taking a warm bath will improve the body’s temperature and cool you down more easily so that melatonin is created and the body is better primed for sleep.

Hot Baths can Soothe Tired Muscles

Hot Baths

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Heat gets the blood flowing, which not only creates better circulation but also will help you recover your sore or tense muscles faster. This is why coaches often tell you to soak in a warm bath filled with Epsom salts.

Epsom salts in a warm bath help to minimize inflammation from arthritis, soreness from working out or injury, or other muscle diseases in your joint.

Baths can be Healthier for your Heart

According to some studies, a daily warm bath will help relieve blood pressure. This is vital because lowered blood pressure will help avoid potentially dangerous problems such as heart disease or stroke.

Also, the heat of the water improves blood supply and circulation throughout the whole body which in turn gives your body a little workout why you relax away from your stressors.

You Burn Calories

Hot bath

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Of course, a soak is no replacement for cardio or weight lifting, but a good hot bath can help you burn as many calories as you would while taking a walk.

Not to mention it will also help you feel similar, positive endorphin that you would enjoy on that walk.

Baths Will Alleviate Cold Symptoms and Help with Breathing Issues

Steam from a hot bath does wonders for cough and stuffy nose. Congestion is caused by inflamed nasal passages.

The steam from the bath can move through your nasal passages and loosens the blockage of the mucus. A bath can get your immune system in shape to be able to battle viruses more efficiently.

Soothe Inflammation and Irritated Skin

Soothe Inflammation and Irritated Skin

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Although taking a bath that is too hot will scald your skin and can badly irritate your skin, a warm bath can help hydrate and treat dry or irritated skin.

Especially in combination with certain essential oils, such as chamomile and coconut oil, olive or avocado oil, and lavender.

Furthermore, aromatherapy is easy to implement in the form of bath bombs and is useful for mood management or stress relief.

Baths Can Actually Help You Feel More Awake Daily

Having a light sweat in a bath is similar to doing light exertion at the gym or taking a brisk walk the after-effects typically have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and better yet, once you do fall asleep that hot bath will help you reach a deeper sleep simply because of the temperature therapy you enjoyed earlier in the evening.

In conclusion, your bath water shouldn’t be too hot and you definitely shouldn’t let it get cold! Where’s the relaxation in that?

You should absolutely enjoy a bath bomb filled with essential oils to help create a soothing and therapeutic environment and lastly, you should absolutely indulge yourself in baths way more often than once a week. Honestly, we’d suggest permanently switching to baths every single day.

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