Americans are addicted to soda. We drink it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fast food restaurants serve it in cups big enough to double as rowboats.

All that soda adds up to some frightening figures. One popular classic soda has 66 grams of carbohydrates per 12 oz can. 22% of your US RDA of carbs all from sugar in a drink is bad enough until you realize that the average fast-food soda is at least twice that big (accounting for ice) and that most people get a refill!

In other words, sodas are a big problem for the general health and well being of Americans.

There is another problem with soda: it tastes fantastic! For soda lovers, it is extremely challenging to drink soda in moderation.

Healthy Alternative

What if there were an alternative that was tasty enough that you would want to drink it instead of the traditional soda, and it was healthy?

There are healthy alternatives to soda that provide a health benefit and are simultaneously low calorie.

OLIPOP isn’t a diet soda. Diet drinks typically consist of the same artificial flavors that were in the regular version but sweetened with aspartame or some other sugar substitute.

Instead, Olipop comes in flavors that are craveable like Vintage cola and strawberries and cream.

These sodas use natural flavors to give them their personalities. Olipop is appealing for its flavor alone.

In addition to its great flavor, Olipop has some hidden nutrients that really set it apart.

1. Nutrition

Olipop is loaded with prebiotics. That’s not a typo. Prebiotics are food items that encourage good gut flora and feed your beneficial bacteria. They are prebiotic because they aren’t biotic yet, as opposed to probiotic, which means it is full of live bacteria.

Prebiotic in this sense is soluble fiber. Each can contains nine grams of fiber. That’s more than ⅓  of your US recommended daily allowance.

In addition to having such high fiber, Olipop has four to eight grams of sugar, as opposed to the 39-50 grams found in a soda.

Having such an abnormally high fiber and low sugar ratio makes it perfect for feeding the healthy gut bacteria that help with overall health.

2. Flavors

Traditional sodas only come in one real flavor: sugar. They may say trouble, or in your cloak. I see are both running. Because the flavors of most sodas have been around forever, many of them have lost many of the ingredients that gave them character.

Olipop is different. It is sweetened naturally, but without the calories of a soda.

The flavors of Olipop are unique, especially when compared to standard supermarket sodas. By keeping flavors interesting, there is less need for overpowering sweetness.

In addition to being interesting flavors, many of the ingredients are healthy. In fact, many ingredients are chosen for their health benefits as much as their taste.

In much the same way as craft beers, Olipop comes in sampler cases that let you try different flavors to figure out your favorite. Olipop includes very traditional flavors like Root Beer and cola and offsets them with more modern flavors like ginger lemon and strawberry vanilla.

To summarize, there are many products on the market that claim to provide a secret health benefit. Olipop is revealing it right at the door: there is nothing secret about it.

Olipop’s soluble fiber and digestive health assisting ingredients provide a benefit to gut health, while the flavors provide a treat to the palate.

If you enjoy soda but want to avoid all the garbage that is found in many sodas you might learn the Olipop is a perfect fit for you.

About The Author:

Mike is a health editor with a degree in Journalism and Social Communications, currently writing for several USA & UK publications. He is specialized in articles around health tips, workout plans, and other nutrition-related topics. His main aim is to help health charities to raise awareness on campaigns about misunderstood or commonly misdiagnosed conditions.

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