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Surprisingly, glass kitchen cabinets continue to keep their glory intact, even so long after crystal-based furniture is slowly becoming outdated.

All thanks to the exceptional characteristics of the glass, for it never really ceases to be mainstream and admired.

Cabinets with glass fronts or racks have always been admired in kitchenette settings for their transparency and their ability to display beautifully framed items –  without fully exposing them.

If you aren’t a lover of too much visibility in your decor, you have got several other styles of glass to take a pick from.

What purpose does cabinet glass doors serve where wooden cabinet doors fail? 

cabinet glass doors

A trend that is making a comeback and fast picking up steam is the glass-front cabinet doors in the kitchen. Although this pattern may be associated with older houses, sleeker models have emerged to show that what’s ancient is going to be a rage again.

When you are searching for a replacement to wood but are not willing to try open cabinetry yet, cupboards with glass front doors might be the alternative that you have been looking for. Here are a few reasons why cabinet glass scores over fully wooden cupboards.

wooden cupboards

  • Trendy styling 

Kitchen Trending Styles

Arranging articles in the light and airy set-up of the kitchen is not something unheard of. However, the trend has caught up big time with contemporary households. Glass is a compound that could make your kitchen appear more versatile and inviting. Unlike open cabinetry, it helps you to reveal your articles but behind a glass cover, adequately protecting the plates and rest of the serving ware.

  • Easy maintenance 

Kitchen Easy maintenance

A kitchen is a place full of activity, which can result in a lot of mess – and your cabinets are not immune to it. Unlike their equivalents in wood, glass is simple to maintain and does not stain easily. You could make use of a regular glass cleaner to get rid of any gunk or build-up as it happens.

  • Classic display

Kitchen Classic display

If you have got the lovely collection of exotic dinnerware, baking pans, or artifacts that you’d love to exhibit in front of the visitors without stressing about them falling off or getting dusty, cabinet glass is the best place to showcase them.

Clear front glass cabinet doors safeguard the goods while at the same time enabling them to contribute towards the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Versatility of design 

Versatility of design

Unlike wooden cabinets, glass cupboards have got a host of designing options to choose from. Recent trends point towards lone panel transparent cabinet doors or crusted glass sliding door options.

However, you may pick what’s ideal to fit the modern look of your kitchen. When you’re not prepared to make a move to an all-glass arrangement, you may also look for options in the cabinets that combine both glass and wood to come up with a classy statement piece.

What Glass Patterns Are Available To Use As Cabinet Doors? 

Glass is a versatile element that is available in a variety of designs. Here are a few Patterns popular with cabinet glass.

Transparent Glass: Used for a clear view of utensils inside cabinet glass door

Transparent Glass

Since there is nothing hidden in a clear glass cabinet, first of all, you ought to be fine with such a set-up before taking a plunge.

Of course, everyone might not appreciate this kind of cabinetry, but some of you out there might think of it as a major plus.

Transparent cabinet doors enable you to show items while keeping everything secure inside, shielded from dirt as well as other stuff.

Frosted glass: Used to hide the items inside cabinets but not completely

Frosted glass

Frosted glass is stylish and elegant, and it looks fantastic in contemporary kitchens. Although frosted glass covers the clutter behind itself reasonably well, it’s not entirely translucent so you could still discern the shapes and colors hidden behind it.

Textured glass: Used for showing the unique texture of designs on the cabinet glass door

Textured glass

There are various kinds of textured glass available, some more popular than others. This particular glass styling option is a bit tricky to try since certain trends are pretty likely to be a fad and may go quickly out of fashion, leaving you with an outdated design.

By sticking to the simple and formal options, you may prevent such a situation from unfolding.

Speaking otherwise, textured glass is pretty appealing from both an optical and a perceptual perspective.

Depending on the following set of the popular kitchen design layouts, you could pick a cabinet glass set-up that complements the entire arrangement.

U-shaped Kitchen:

U-shaped Kitchen

If you are privileged to have a huge kitchen area, you may create large storage spaces adjoining the place to dine, using the U-shaped layout design – it offers you to house a counter and workstations confined from three-sided walls.

Additionally, you still got the likelihood of incorporating an island, right in the center.

L-shaped Kitchen:

L-shaped Kitchen

This layout design is perfect for single occupants who have limited kitchen area – here you could make use of the corner space to construct glass cabinetry in the style of your choice.

Galley kitchen:

Galley kitchen

A Galley kitchen layout can offer a two-walled cabinet glass storage approach, making most of the limited area available.

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