Taking Care of You and Your Health

In our house, we try to keep reasonably fit and eat as many whole and organic food items as possible.

When we move into our new home, which hopefully will be in the next few months fingers crossed, we are planning to have a vegetable garden and free-range chickens.

If this is something you too have thought about, be sure to watch this short video on how best to raise and look after chickens. Omelet anyone?

I have some names picked out already, and slowly persuading my husband to allow us to have a pig…he is being a tough cookie on this one. Boo.

Taking care of your health in your younger years will only benefit you more as you get older. You will be active for longer, keep up with children and grandchildren easier and prevent early or even any illnesses that tend to arise as we age.

And you don’t have to be Mr. or Mrs. universe to be fit, a simple bit of exercise to get the heart pumping a couple of times a week and you will be in a good space.

You can see some simple at-home training programs to try out or join a class down the local gym, whatever you decide the mere fact you are doing something is already a great start.

How to start training at home?

You don’t have to worry about needing all the specialized equipment or best gear to begin your fitness journey, and especially so if you are new to the world of health and gyming.

As long as you are wearing something comfortable and a decent pair of trainers you will be fine, as you progress you can slowly add to your arsenal of exercise equipment.

Start with cardiovascular training, one that will get your heart rate up, the blood flowing and catches your breath. At least you know you’ll have put your body in some form of stress and the muscles will start to wake up.

If you are uncertain about it all, check out this beginners guide to exercise and have peace of mind in knowing you are not alone in this, there are many people just starting and taking the first step is one that will change your life.

As your cardio increases and you can last longer and longer, add in some strength and flexibility training, focusing on core areas and specified muscle groups.

Targeting the main muscles will also help with improved posture, overall happy mood and for sure a boost in energy levels.

Social fitness.

Social fitness

Getting friends and neighbors together is a great way to not only meet new people but to help those who would otherwise just sit on the couch.

Getting out for a brisk walk around the park and fields in the crisp fresh air, catching up with their lives while staying active, is much better than trying to go it alone.

The more the merrier, and if it catches on, soon the whole area will be meeting up for a chat and jog. Brilliant.

You don’t need to be training for a marathon to be fit, simply doing an activity you enjoy is key, you can always slow the pace or increase it as you see fit, but doing something is better than being a couch potato.

If you enjoy reading up on topics you are about to get involved in, some behind the scenes research so you’re comfortable, then visit https://www.healthfitnessdrug.com/health/ for a great write-up and guidance from professionals in the fitness world and that can offer nutritional advice to give you a well-balanced fitness lifestyle.

5 Dietary changes you can make with no fuss.

  • Whole fruits and Veg. We are all in denial when we say we don’t know that fruit and veg are good for you, but were you aware that half the plate should consist of it? Yes, and the more the better. Look for organic or ethically grown to ensure you aren’t consuming chemicals or pesticides.
  • Good fats. Most people think eating fat makes you fat, this is the opposite. They provide you with the energy needed for the day and longer periods, so no constant snacking n sweets for energy which you need to replace every hour.
  • Sugar-free. If a label says ‘no added sugar’, this isn’t to say it has no sugar, you need to read stickers, 9 times out of 10 there is still sugar, and lots of it which is why the manufacturer didn’t need to add any.
  • My husband and I have been doing this for over a year now, not eating trains the body to use its own fats for energy as opposed to sugar for energy, thus helping you lose weight and not craving a sugar high. Read this blog and see I’m not the only one who agrees with intermittent fasting, it is so beneficial.
  • No carbs. Especially refined, carbs are bad. Cut out the bread, rolls, and pastries and you will see significant results in your body and fitting better in your clothes and you’ll be less lethargic nearing the end of the day. 

My daughter is a budding gymnast, she has reached great heights in her short career and is currently on the training path to reach those colorful rings we all like to watch on TV, but things have changed.

She has done all she can on her speedy metabolism up till now, and this is where the work comes in, eating changes and implementations.

And she knows to reach her goals she has set she is going to need to make commitments and in some cases sacrifices. She can eat cake when that shiny gold is hanging around her neck, am I right?

Setting a good eating example is key in our home, and to give our children a bright future, be sure to keep them on track with good nutritional habits.

A simple tweak here and there and they will be none the wiser, good food doesn’t need to be bland. If it means investing in a new recipe book, then so be it. Happy cooking.

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