Testicular Cancer

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Who’s at risk?

Testicular cancer strikes young, almost half of the men who are diagnosed with testicular cancer are under the age of 35. Men have a 95% chance of survival is it is caught but that is not a risk any of us want to take. If you know the facts and take action early you’re increasing your chances of survival.

Men who have a family history of a father or brother who has had testicular cancer have an increased risk of getting it too. Also if you’ve been diagnosed with testicular cancer there is an increased risk that it could return. It is really important for young men to keep their eyes on the ball! (See also: Increase Testosterone Level to Get Various Benefits)

The facts about testicular cancer?

Your testicles are responsible for producing male hormones and sperm. Testicular cancer can develop in either one or both testicles.

Survival Facts:

  1. Every single year since the 70s we have improved the survival rate for testicular cancer.
  2. Men have a 95% chance of having their cancer cured.

Age Facts:

  1. Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer in men aged 15-49 in the UK.
  2. It is very, very rare to get this cancer before puberty.

Occurrence Facts:

  1. More than 2,400 men are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK.
  2. More people are developing Testicular cancer each year. Almost twice the amount of men get cancer now than they did in the mid-70s.

Time to Get the Ball Rolling – How to Check Yourself

So look the best way for you to stay ahead of this is to frequently check your nuts! Give your testicles a regular checkup and if you think something isn’t right making an appointment with your GP / Doctor ASAP! Don’t wait to see if it goes down or anything.

  1. From soap to grope, the best time to check your balls is straight after a shower!
  2. Roll one nut between the thumb and fingers and just cop a feel! You’ll get to know what normal and what’s not too!
  3. Repeat the same thing with the other one too.

What If I’ve Been Diagnosed With Testicular Cancer?

The first and most important thing to do is having a chat with your doctor. They will fill you in on your treatment options and tell you about the processes involved. Make sure you don’t miss anything if you don’t understand anything don’t be scared to ask for more information or ask any questions you might have. You might consider getting a second opinion too. This is completely normal and you shouldn’t worry about asking for one. There is also the option of going to private health care providers like The Loc for a second opinion.

Treatment Options

It’s time to get the ball rolling and thankfully testicular cancer is highly treatable! Remember catching testicular cancer early will often mean it can be cured. Even if your cancer is more advanced it can still be treated with a number of different treatments! (See also: Something You Should Know About Testx Core)

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