What is a varicose vein?   

The blood vessels that generally return the deoxygenated blood from the external body part to the heart and duly to the lungs are known as veins. In some special cases, the veins become thick, abnormally swelled or enlarged getting lots of turns and twists. It is seen in the legs and thighs, and these are called the varicose veins. The twisted and thickened part of the veins is termed as varicosities. The problem of varicose vein is about to relate to the inherited and gradually becomes prominent with the progress of the age.

Varicose Veins and Their Treatment

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Varicose Veins causes

To find out the reason for varicose veins, many theories have come out as a result of the research. Nevertheless, the main reason behind this complication is the defective valves within the veins. Typically, the valves in the vein prevent the downward flow of blood by forcing them to move to the heart.

Though, the reason for the inefficiency of the valve may have different causes as explained by the experts. It may be the inherited issue that creates the abnormal functions inside the vein. Also, when people born with specific abnormalities related to the vein walls, it can appear in the future as Varicose Veins. In this case, due to the reverse flow of blood goes down to the superficial veins when the flow should run to the heart. When the muscle of deep veins gets contracted creates high pressure and forces the blood to flow in the wrong way leading towards the result of varicosities. Furthermore, many more factors like pregnancy, obesity, constipation, chronic disease and so on can stimulate the reason for varicosities.

Exercises for Varicose Veins

Exercising is an important practice in this context to prevent the effect of the varicose vein. It can maintain the health of cardiovascular and helps to get relief from the painful feeling of the Varicosities. The regular exercise is essential to improve the blood circulation in the leg, arm and to stimulate the blood flow by accessing more strength. Nevertheless, such common activities such as bicycling, running, and swimming can be the most important key to reducing the effect of varicose vein. Those who are suffering from this complication are asked to go for the high-impact exercises which have been enlisted below. You should consult with your medical professional before joining the latest aerobic workout.

Leg exercises

  1. Leg Lifts:

Sit on the ground or mat or you can lie as well with your back keeping your legs straight. Lift a leg slowly for few minutes allowing the blood to run down. Lower down the leg and get back the earlier position. Repeat the same for the other leg and complete two or three cycles.

  1. Calf Raising:

Stand on your legs and raise your tiptoes slowly and lower it down again. Repeat the same for a particular period.

  1. Bicycle Legs:

Lay down on the back, folds your legs in the air by bending at the point of the knee. Start peddling through your legs like bicycling. Moreover, you can do the same exercise for one leg for a single set and by alternating the legs for different sets.

  1. Side lunges:

Stand on your legs maintains the distance between both hips. Step by side, a certain distance with your left or right leg when your knee should in the bending position of the 90-degree angle. Another leg might be on the slight ankle. To resume the initial position, make straight your leg slowly and bring back into the actual position. Alter the legs and repeat the case for a particular set. Ensure the knees rests over the ankle while you are performing this particular exercise.

Get Rid of Varicose Veins

There are some simple steps of care that you need to follow to overcome the adverse effect of the varicose vein. Moreover, you can get the assistance of vein finders yourself to find out the defective area out of the help from nurse or radiologists.

Get a break from the whole day schedule to raise yours above the heart level at least once in a day to reduce the effect of varicosities.

Of course, if you feel pain and uncomfortable by wearing Jobst stocking or TED just before the walk in the morning, consult with the health care professional and try to avoid the this to get a normal blood circulation through the veins.

Furthermore, diet is another important weapon from this aspect. Foods that are rich with fiber, less in fat help to control the varicosities and overweight issue as well. To overcome the overweight issue you can also buy phentermine online.

Leave the habit of alcoholic drinking that can lead the condition of veins to varicosities and legs to dilate.

Must not seat in the cross leg position and procure a habit of it.

Walking is one of the top-notch solutions in this sphere as it can pump the muscle to get the flow of blood in veins in a normal position.

Varicose Vein Pain Relief

Once the symptoms of varicose vein emerge, it will not go away automatically unless the treatment like stripping, ligation or sclerotherapy is not applied. More specifically, in the season of summer, it appears much more prominent.

Therefore, prevention is the better option to get rid of this problem before it outbreaks as chronic disease and poor functioning of the vein. However, Sclerotherapy is not the way that can bring the complete solution to eliminate the varicosities. It also can give few future complications like allergic reactions, skin ulcerations, inflammation, and permanent skin discoloration and so on. Plus, you will take compression stockings only after the recommendation of a doctor and after completing sclerotherapy.

Varicose Vein Home Remedies

Lifestyle has a deep impact on the complications of varicosities. Certain measurements of self-care and home remedies can lead to a decrease in the effect of discomfort in the context of varicose veins. Go out for walking as it can stimulate the system for proper blood circulation through the vein. Watch the weight regularly and maintain it along with a precise chart of diet, which contains low salt and high fiber. Get out from the habit of wearing high heels. Also, try to wear such clothes which are not tight especially for under waist region. Get sufficient free times to elevate your legs once a day. Avoid any static position for a long time whether you are in sitting or standing position.

However, varicosities are caused by genetic factors, and none of the remedies mentioned above are full proof methods. Exercise can be the best and natural solution for this complication which is capable of balancing the circulation reducing the risk factor.

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