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Steroids are one of the most controversial drugs on the planet. Some athletes and bodybuilders use it as a performance enhancer, whilst others use it for medical conditions.

Anabolic steroids are classified as a class C drug, which means that it can only be used when prescribed by a doctor. Without a legal prescription, you are not allowed to use it.

There is a bit of a grey area when it comes to this rule. Manufacturers have created legal steroids that mimic the same effects as the real deal.

It’s typically known as ‘legal steroids’ but it’s actually muscle-building and performance-enhancing supplements.

Legal steroids are made from natural ingredients that promote the healthy growth of the male sex hormone, testosterone.

Prescribed class C anabolic steroids are just that, testosterone in a bottle. Learn more about it here:

If you are looking into getting legal steroids then it’s important that you understand the difference between legal and illegal steroids.

What are Illegal Steroids?

Illegal steroids are those that have to be prescribed by a doctor. Typically prescribed to patients who suffer from arthritis, inflammation in muscles, gout, inflammation in blood vessels, and lupus. Patients can only get them with a prescription from the pharmacist.

It’s illegal to supply or sell this class C drug. Distributing or selling these without prescriptions is illegal. Anyone who does this will receive a fine or even some jail time. The use of anabolic steroids in professional sports are also banned.

What are the Best Legal Steroids on the Market?

Synthetically produced alternatives have become popular over the past decade. Known as AAS (Anabolic-androgenic steroids).

Athletes, bodybuilders, and gym junkies have resorted to using performance-enhancing supplements provided by a variety of manufacturers.

When you browse through the internet, you’ll be able to find an array of different alternatives to help muscle growth and strengthening.

Suppliers advertise many of their supplements in stacks, which means you can buy a number of different types to achieve your physical goals.

Here is a list of all the legal anabolic steroid alternatives on the market:

1. Creatine

Creatine is one of the most popular performance enhancers, used by many professional athletes and bodybuilders. It can also be found in a number of proteins including meats and fish.

Creatine is also found in a person’s muscle cells. When a person does heavy weight training, the creatine within the muscles produces energy which as a result promotes muscle growth.

Athletes take creatine supplements to further promote the growth of their muscles and get faster results during high-intensity training.

Fun fact: 5% of your body’s natural creatine is stored in the liver, brain, and kidneys. A whopping 95% is stored as phosphocreatine in muscles. (source)

When stimulated during weight lifting, muscles grow naturally. Creatine supplements only speed up the process.

2. Anavar 

A variety of different alternatives to Anavar is available from nutrition shops, sold under the name Anvarol.

The illegal drug Anavar uses oxandrolone to boost protein retention and weight gain. But legal supplements, such as Anvarol, give users the same effect with the difference of using safe, and natural products.

Ingredients such as wild yam root, adenosine triphosphate, and BCAA can be found in legally distributed alternatives.

The main goal of it is to shred unwanted fat without retaining water, building muscle strength, and speeding up the recovery process after exercise.

Its, therefore, a great alternative to consider when you want to achieve a more toned physical appearance. 

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3. Dianabol

Bodybuilding hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was famous for using Dianabol to help him gain muscle mass. Since then, the world has gone crazy looking for natural, safe, and legal alternatives.

Some manufacturers sell alternatives known as D-Bal which can improve strength, stamina, and muscle mass drastically. Another great advantage is that it gives the user a boost in testosterone.

Click here to learn more about medically prescribed Dianabol.

4. Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol was illegally used to promote serious weight loss. A series of legal, safe, and natural supplements have surfaced on the market known as Clenbutrol.

Its main aim is to increase the metabolism within the body because of its strong thermogenic capabilities.

Athletes who have a few extra pounds to shed will benefit the most from this alternative since you’ll be able to lose weight without losing lean muscle mass.

Unfortunately, individuals who struggle with obesity, won’t be able to benefit from Clen and will still have to lose weight through exercise and a healthy diet before using the weight loss supplement.

Extremely popular amongst women, because it doesn’t contain as much synthetic testosterone components as other anabolic steroids.

5. Winstrol

Legal alternatives to Winstrol is known as Winsol. It is insanely popular amongst men, giving the body a high-performance boost while injecting synthetic testosterone into the system.

This promotes muscle and strength growth when combined with weight training.

It uses and breaks down the body’s fat and turns it into energy, providing the user with increased stamina and endurance.

Allowing the athlete to partake in much longer and more vigorous exercising routines.

Other steroid types that have alternative capsules on the market are Trenorol, Anadrole, and Sustanon.

Depending on what you want to achieve you will need to stack up at least four different alternative supplements into your exercising routine.

It’s vital to say that any anabolic steroid that is abused will give unwanted side effects. As long as you follow expert dosage recommendations you’ll achieve your body goals fast.

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