Bundle of Joy

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So, finally, you’ve welcomed your new little one after a wait of long nine months. And that’s a totally understood fact that you’re overwhelmed with your darling’s birth. His or her arrival certainly brought an extraordinary dazzle to your home.

But, when it’s time to take care of your baby, you might be unaware of many eminent must-do things. And with the advice pouring from all over, you might feel sometimes nervous and anxious about caring for your newborn.

Moreover, with the wide array of child care products from renowned companies, the scenario turns out to be more perplexing for you.

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So, to clear out so much confusion and while making use of the information in the air, I am jotting down today some very effective tips that would definitely help you to take care of your sweetheart in a perfect way ever and thus will lead you to see your baby grow in a healthy way.

Those effective to-do things are listed out below:

1. Be hygienic

Your little one just came to the world, so he or she is very fragile and too vulnerable to germs and infections. So, you should obviously keep yourself clean and tidy as well as the surrounding around you a hygienic one. You must use sanitizers before touching your baby, keep your home clean and even sterilize all the toys of your baby.

2. Handle your baby with care

You should always remember that your baby is too delicate and fragile and you must take care of your baby. So, when you hold your baby, you must provide support to the head and neck. And if you’re taking your baby in a carrier, then you should be very careful and even you must avoid bouncing your baby in the air.

3. Know about the diaper use

Whether you’re using a cloth diaper or a disposable one, you should be very sure about some facts like having a proper stock of diapers. And also your baby might develop rashes so cleaning the area with soap-free wipes is a must. You should also use ointments suggested by your pediatrician.

4. Proper feeding and burping

It’s very crucial to understand when your baby is hungry so always be keen about the hunger signs. He or she might cry, put a finger in the mouth, or make a sucking noise to give you cues that food is needed now. And after feeding, it’s very much necessary to make your baby burp to avoid any kind of gas formation in his or her stomach.

5. Healing of your baby’s navel is a must

Your baby’s umbilical cord and navel need almost 1-4 weeks of time to get properly healed up. So, make sure that you’re giving your little one a sponge bath till the umbilical cord gets stubbed out. The cord and the navel might turn out black from yellow, but that’s quite normal. Don’t panic!

6. Enough sleep is needed

You might always want to play with your sweet little one but it’s very much needed that he or she gets 12-16 hours of sleep usually. It leads your baby to grow properly. So, you should sing lullabies as often as possible to make him or her sleep.

The final word

If you’re the newborn parents and you’ve not included such important things in the whole episode of taking care of your new one yet, then you should make a move soon and start following the aforementioned tips. Doing that will certainly lead you to take the best care of the adorable newest member who completes your family!

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