If you are about to welcome a new member of the family and getting yourself ready for it, well, congratulations! Although you have a never-ending list of things to-be-bought, certain things would be in a ‘must-have’ list like a Pram or a Stroller.

Even though you prefer to buy Uppababy Vista from Baby Direct or any other top quality product for your newborn, there are things you need to know before getting the right product. Follow some simple things given below before making a final decision:

A pram or a stroller?

If you have not decided whether you should get a pram or a stroller, there are a few things you need to know. To be honest, your tiny tot might not feel so ‘tiny’ when you have to step out of your home and bear his/her weight in your arms or in your lap for many hours. The pram is specifically created for newborns as it provides much-needed flexibility along with mobility. It is greatly helpful when you need to move your bundle of joy here and there with you.

While with a stroller, as the name indicates, it is helpful to carry your baby while you stroll around in the market, hospital or park. A stroller makes your life with a baby extremely convenient as it frees your hands for other activities like household chores or outdoor shopping.

Here are some of the types you need to know about before choosing a product:

– Pram

A pram is perfect for an infant. When a newborn is yet to learn to sit up and handle his head, a pram provides essential support to the baby’s backbone. It comes with a reclining seat that can be used after your kid learns to sit up. Thus, when your little one learns to handle his weight and balances the sitting position, the pram can be used until the age of 2-3 years.

– Stroller

Also known as a pushchair, it is an erect chair in which you can set up your baby and go for a stroll or any other work. As it is mentioned about pram, if it comes with a reclining seat, it is adjustable to use from your baby’s infancy to his learning of balancing the sitting position.

– Travel system

A bit expensive but a usable version of the stroller that can aid you if you are traveling with cars more than often. The model comes with a car seat that can be separately used in a car as well as can be fitted in a stroller.

So, all you need to do is, tuck your little one with a car seat, fitted in a stroller, lift it and fasten it with a car seat. You can do vice-versa. When the baby is over 6 months and can sit perfectly, you can remove the car seat from the stroller so that your little one can sit freely.

– Jogger

If you are a sports enthusiast and plan to go jogging with your baby, this stroller is for you. It comes with a three air-filled wheels and enables you to move in any type of territory. But, before you start jogging with your little one, ensure he has gained enough control over his head and neck so that you can keep him from any kind of injuries due to jerks.

Prams or strollers are fun for parents to use as it gives relief from lifting and moving baby here and there. But before buying a product, you must assure your baby’s comfort and age, your comfort, and maneuverability, the flexibility of wheels and structure, weight of the pram, brakes, and accessories.

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