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As the saying goes, it’s easier to prevent a problem than it is to fix it. So it’s not surprising that more people are trying to eat a diet that is high in cancer-fighting ingredients to help them to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

All around the world, doctors, and other health professionals recommend certain types of food to help prevent cancer as they are shown to possess anti-cancer properties and phytochemicals.

Below is a list of 7 different things you can eat that will help you reduce the risk of getting cancer.

1. Graviola (Soursop Fruit)

According to Cancer Research UK, there is evidence that Graviola fruits can kill cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy despite that its medical capabilities have not been tested in humans.

The fruit was found to have acetogenins a compound that has chemotherapeutic properties that help prevent cancer.

Above all, Graviola was found to be 200 times effective than chemotherapy when it was tested in patients with breast cancer in a report published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

Graviola is rich in vitamin c, vitamin B, Iron, Phosphorous, Magnesium, and Calcium.

2. Citrus Fruits

According to Dr. Roderick Smith of Eat To Beat Cancer, Citrus fruits contain high levels of flavonoids which are responsible for boosting cardiovascular health and the human immune system.

Flavonoids in citrus fruits are antioxidant compounds that have the ability to suppress the spread of tumors and also to prevent the growth of cancer cells. Also, citrus fruit peels are found to be rich in nobiletin, a phytochemical property with anti-tumor effects and cholesterol control capabilities.

Citrus Fruits are readily available in form of juice, yogurt, ice cream, and whole fruits that people can enjoy and at the same time reduce the risk of contracting cancer.

3. Camu Camu Berries

The Camu Camu berry is a rare fruit that grows in the Amazon rain forests and Brazil and it has the highest source of natural vitamin C in the world.

The fruit is also known as rumberry or cacari and its high vitamin C source makes the fruit an antioxidant which protects the human body from oxidative stress while eliminating toxic radicals.

According to an article by DR. Priya Nair on Value Foods other phytochemicals in the Camu Camu berries that help prevent cancer include; Ellagic acid, phenolics, proanthocyanidins, and ellagitannins which have anti-inflammatory properties. It makes a great ingredient for smoothies, simply add it to a blender with some berries and bananas and you’ve got a cancer-fighting breakfast.

4. Gardenia Fruit (Zhizi)

This fruit has been used by the Chinese as a medicinal fruit for centuries only that recent studies have established its benefits on cancer prevention due to its unique and effective nontoxic chemotherapeutic capabilities.

The Gardenia fruit contains a compound known as genipin that triggers apoptosis also known as programmed cancer cells death. According to Dr. David Jockers on his selenium-rich diet, the consumption of the Gardenia fruit enables the body to inhibit UCP2 a mitochondrial protein that protects cancer cells by generating excessive reactive oxygen against the tumor cells.

5. Chinese Wolfberry (Goji Fruit)

The Chinese Wolfberry contains antioxidant selenium together with Vitamin C and vitamin A that has been found to reduce the risk of contracting cancer among people.

Other antioxidants that are in this fruit include; zeaxanthin and carotenoids that help battle cancer cells and tumor growth. The Goji Berry fruit also detoxifies the liver and kidney channels, therefore, extending the strength and lifespan of the organs.

The fruit also induces apoptosis which is the starvation of cancer cells by exposing them to high levels of oxygen.

6. Apples

According to an article by Dr. Nalini Chilkov titled “Apples the new super food”, the fruit contains a significant amount of flavonoids which savage cancer cells and also enable the human body to control inflammation to normal levels.

Apple phytochemicals such as quercetin, procyanidins, and vitamin c are mainly found in the Apple’s peel help boost the immune system by detoxifying radicals that could cause cell tumor.

Dr. Nalini Chilkov also indicates that quercetin and procyanidins in Apples can help suppress tumor growth factor receptors.

7. Peanuts

Now it is verified that peanuts can help prevent cancer according to a recent article by Madlen Davies titled “A handful of NUTS a day can prevent early death”. According to the article, people who eat 10g of peanuts on a daily basis were less likely to contract cancer.

According to researchers, Peanuts contain a variety of salts and oils that help prevent the proliferation of cancer cells due to the presence of genipin properties that help the body to generate excess selective reactive oxygen to malignant cells.

Including fruits in your diet particularly those mentioned above will help boost your immune system and lower the risk of cancer and other health conditions.

Make it a habit of exploring a variety of fruits as this is essential to maintaining a healthy immune system as research has shown that every fruit has unique phytochemicals.

There is an abundance of research in this area and it is important for everyone to know the health benefits of fruits.

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