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If you work out and you’re looking for ways to increase or tone the muscles on your arms, keeping a few proven tips in mind can improve your results. You probably already know the importance of dedicating a whole day to your arms when you wish to make noticeable progress. In this guide, you will learn additional tips that will take your arm workout to a whole new level, providing you with arms of which anyone would be proud.

Many people are pleased when they give the tips a try and see how much of an impact they have on their overall effectiveness. Keeping your goals in mind and working on the things you are about to learn is a powerful way to achieve the outcome you want and deserve, and the appearance you gain will make you smile each time you look in the mirror.

First, Set Measurable Goals

A lot of people go to the gym or workout at home but don’t have clear goals in mind. It’s hard to make progress when you don’t know the direction in which you would like to move, so before you do anything else, ask yourself what you would like to gain from your workouts so that you can get an idea of where to start. Make sure your objectives are specific.

Some potential goals to really skyrocket your routines might be:

  1. Gain visible muscle definition in your triceps within 2 weeks.
  2. Be able to press 150 lbs after 4 weeks.
  3. Gain the strength to move a 45 lb bag above your shoulders for ¼ mile within.

Notice the goals above use real numbers for measuring — this will allow you to know whether or not you are successful and adjust your routine(s) accordingly.

Next, Squeeze Your Muscles on Each Repetition

No matter what you hope to achieve with your workout sessions, getting as much blood as possible to the targeted muscle groups is vital. Blood brings essential nutrients to your muscles and lets you boost your productivity and efficiency. While you might think you can do nothing to enhance blood flow to your arms during your training session, you would be wrong. Squeeze your muscles as much as you can at the peak of each repetition.

By squeezing your muscles, you promote blood flow and increase the speed at which you reach your desired outcome. Building muscle and improving your fitness level take time no matter what you do, but this tip can make it a bit easier for you to get to where you want to be.

Then, Remember: Don’t Flare Your Elbows

The bench press is a powerful tool that can help you build the muscles in your arms or give them the defined tone you had in mind when you first got started. The key, however, is to do it the right way if you want to work for the correct muscle groups.

Many people flare their elbows when doing a bench press because they think it will let them increase the muscle mass in their arms and chest, but you don’t want to follow that path. Even though flaring your elbows can build your chest muscles, it takes pressure off your triceps. Keeping your elbows tucked isolates your triceps and gives you impressive results. Some people find that they can lift a lot less weight when tucking their elbows, and that is a good thing.

Don't Flare Your Elbows

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It means they are lifting most of the weight with their triceps, the muscles you want to target. Breaking old habits is not always easy, so keeping yourself on track might take some time if you have been lifting the wrong way for a while.

Finally, Make Sure to Use the Right Equipment

If you would like to work out your arms each day but don’t necessarily have access to a gym or swimming pool, you might think your goals are out the window, but they are not. WIthout a huge investment, you can obtain a pull-up bar or dip station, dumbbells or a weight bench, and/ or an elliptical machine for your home gym or garage to enhance your arm workouts.

Dip Station Workout Tips:

Make sure you adjust the pull-up bar so that it is just above your reach, requiring you to jump and grab it. Use a shoulder-width grip, bend your knees and cross your legs to begin, and you will then pull your body up to the bar and hold it for a second before slowly lowering yourself back down. Repeat for as many repetitions as you can, giving yourself no more than between 45 seconds and two minutes of rest between sets.

Weight-Lifting Workout Tips:

Those who only want to tone their muscles, for example, should focus on using less weight and doing more repetitions. On the other hand, people who want to build lean muscle need to use more weight and do fewer repetitions to reach their goals.

Weight-Lifting Workout Tips

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Elliptical Workout Tips:

A good rule of thumb is to use an elliptical machine for about 150 minutes per week (can be broken into 30-minute increments five times per week). As you become more fit, gradually increase the resistance on your machine to get a better workout. To get the most out of the arm-portion of your routine, make sure to use the handlebars during the entire duration of your half-hour exercise.

Final Thoughts

The tips you have learned give you the skills you need to reach your fitness goals and get the most from each arm workout session. Maintaining proper form and following the advice will enhance your results and let you sculpt your arms to perfection. Be sure you understand how to avoid workout injuries and have fun!

Keeping your desired outcome in sight makes it even easier for you to do it, but you don’t want your workout to be too easy. You need to push yourself just beyond your comfort zone if you would like to make real progress. If you use these tips at least two times each week, you will be pleased with what you can achieve in the coming months.

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