Weight Gain Even with Healthy Food Choices

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Have you been gaining weight even after you have been dieting and eating the right kind of food to lose it? Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are many people like you out there who are struggling to lose that extra pound but are unsuccessful.

Most of the time, the weight gain is due to eating more than we need to energize our body hence the conversion of the rest into fat, but there can be other underlying causes of weight gain which you missed.

Quantity is Important

Not only eating the right kind of food is important but the quantity check is a must. Certain diets focus on eating certain food groups with no limitations. Refrain from following those as too much of eating any kind of food is not good for health. Only eat till you do not feel adequately full and stop immediately after that.

Too much Stress

In today’s scenario, a majority of overweight people are undergoing a lot of stress. Stress leads to overeating and causes weight gain but that is not all, it spoils the balance of hormones which leads to storing of excess fat in the body.

Meditation and work-out can help in reducing stress.

Gender & Weight

Men and women tend to lose weight differently. The composition of a man’s body is more muscular and women’s fatter. Hence men drop extra weight quickly when compared to women who need to put in an extra effort.

Lower Metabolism

There are certain people who do not gain weight as easily as others, you must definitely have come across a friend who eats double than you but is half your size and wondered how it was possible. Well, it is definitely possible. Higher metabolism causes you to burn calories faster and more efficiently.

Weight loss is simple if you have high metabolism but increasing your metabolism is not so easy. Genetics can be the main reason why your metabolism is low. Added reasons can be low lean muscle mass in your body. Weight training and building muscles may help in increase in lean muscle mass and in-turn your metabolism.

Insufficient and Irregular Sleep

A good night’s sleep is very important when you talk about weight loss. Missing on sleep leads to an increase of cortisol in your body which causes weight gain.

Eating just Before Bedtime

A late night meal can disturb your weight loss program. it may increase your blood sugar level which in turn will not let your body burn the fat but store it. Try to finish your dinner at least 2 hours prior to your bedtime.

Underlying Health Causes

If you feel you are following all of the above and still gaining weight, then it is a good idea to consult a Doctor and find out if it is because of any health issues.

An underactive or an overactive thyroid can be a major reason why certain people rapidly gain or lose weight respectively. Get yourself tested and if you have an underactive thyroid, regular medication and a balanced diet can help in controlling weight issues.

Fibroids can be another major reason for weight gain in females. This is a much lesser condition so it will be better explained to you by Fibroid Experts.

There are many other conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, epilepsy, sleep apnea, etc. that may lead to weight gain. Talk to your Doctors for further help.

Losing weight need not be harder than it already is. A balanced diet with sufficient exercise and a sound health is the only way to go if you are serious about becoming fitter.

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