Hemp Flower

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In the world of Cannabis, the nomenclature and variety of this subculture can be quite confusing unless you’re a part of it. Many people associate everything about the plant to the psychoactive properties it has been known for throughout the ages.

Particularly speaking, when someone references hemp, one may think that this is the same plant that provides its users with a euphoria-inducing high. But this is simply not the case at all. While hemp is of the same species, Cannabis Sativa, as its high-producing cousin, it doesn’t get you high at all.

CBD hemp flower is often mistaken for marijuana simply because the two are practically indistinguishable on the surface as they both look, feel and often smell the same. However, the chemical makeup and uses of each plant are entirely different.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is the variety of Cannabis Sativa in which industrial use is commonly associated. The plant has an extremely long history of being part of human culture and has been cultivated and used in numerous ways as far back as 10,000 years ago.

Hemp has long been spun into usable fiber for a variety of applications, the first of which was most likely for rope or lashing, clothing, and paper. Over the years, hemp has been used for a variety of commercial applications such as textiles, food, insulation, biofuel, and even biodegradable plastics. (See also: 5 Health Conditions High-Quality Hemp Products Can Help You With)

What is Hemp Flower?

CBD hemp flower, though often confused with the high-inducing buds associated with marijuana, is another product that has gained popularity over the years.

With the decriminalization of marijuana and legalization efforts that have been sweeping the United States over the past two decades, the benefits of CBD use have begun to gain notoriety. Hemp flower rich in CBD is known for its calming effects that reduce anxiety and stress.

The flower is basically the flowering top of the hemp plant which is harvested, dried and smoked, eaten or vaporized by a variety of means. Hemp flower not only resembles marijuana buds but, unless engineered otherwise, smells exactly the same as well.

The main difference here is that hemp flower is completely legal to sell and smoke, whereas marijuana is only legal medicinally in specific states and only able to be consumed recreationally in a few of these states.

The main benefits associated with hemp flower include the ease of which it can be consumed. Most choose to smoke it in the traditional way, either out of a pipe or rolled up in a cigarette or “joint” as it is commonly referred.

Additionally, hemp flower aids in relaxation and the reduction of stress or anxiety. It can also counteract the effects of marijuana. If one feels that they’ve gotten too high, hemp flower and other CBD products can be used to return to a balanced state.

Considering Use

Those with any limiting respiratory ailments should always consult a doctor or physician whenever considering smoking hemp flower. And, keep in mind that other CBD products and methods of consumption are available as well if respiratory health is a concern of yours.

If you’ve been in a stressful environment, whether at work or at home, CBD use can be used to alleviate stress-related issues and return the mind to a more balanced state. Of course, you must always exercise caution when using any herbal medicines.

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