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Cosmetic surgery has become a great way of boosting your morale and helping you face the world. But the purposes of cosmetic surgery aren’t just for good looks. Sometimes there are obvious facial issues that can be corrected through the use of cosmetic procedures. This also extends to the more extreme cases of burn wound victims, people who have suffered scarring from accidents or physical harm inflicted in abuse. Cosmetic surgery can take your appearance to the next level and can make all the difference in helping you to shine and feel proud. Cosmetic treatments generally cover skin, face and body treatments. Not all of them are invasive surgical procedures, many are non-surgical and more conservative but still very effective.

1. Fraxel treatment

Fraxel is the shortened term used for fractional laser treatment and it is, in fact, a brand and not procedure. It is a skin rejuvenation practice that repairs the skin, helps reduce wrinkles and makes your face healthier and brighter. It can be adjusted to suit your skin type and it can be intensified depending on the level of rejuvenation that you’re wanting to achieve and the budgets you have to invest in this. It is used to treat a number of clinical issues such as sun-damage and sunspots, scarring from acne and surgery and removes moles and skin tags.

2. Vampire Facials

This is the common name given to a procedure which is more correctly called Platelet Rich Plasma, or “PRP”. It involves drawing your blood, spinning it to extract the platelets and then injecting those platelets into your face to help with healing and restoration. It has become a very popular way of rejuvenation and healing because it is using your own body to heal itself. This treatment can be used to treat joint pain, plantar fasciitis and back pain. treatment is best used in conjunction with other treatments to get the best benefit of it because it increases the recovery of damaged areas. With regard to cosmetic treatment, it is used for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. The places it can help with skin rejuvenation is eyelids, neck, back of hands. It has also been known to help scalp hair regrowth stimulation

3. Laser hair removal

This has been around for a while and has matured in its practice over the years. It used to be something that was only allowed by medical practitioners but has since been allowed to be used by non-medical operators to treat skin and hair conditions. Laser hair removal will permanently remove unwanted hair in unwanted areas. Depending on your type of hair, this could be a lengthy process of repeat visits or it could happen quite quickly. With the advancement of laser procedures. Hari removal has come more effective and permanent and less lengthy. Though the cost has remained high the long-term benefit can be well worth it. Look for specials or combination deals to help bring down the cost of this investment and make it attainable for you.

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