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Electronic cigarettes have risen in popularity since their introduction in the mid-2000s because they are perceived to be a healthier option than traditional cigarettes. The latter has been losing popularity since they are more harmful due to the chemicals that they contain in addition to nicotine. Also, people have developed a negative perception towards them for being highly addictive. Vaping has a luxurious appeal, appears more sophisticated, and is available in various flavors, making it more popular. Additionally, their aggressive advertising has allowed them to procure a good market share.

E-cigarettes as a safe way of administering nicotine

Nicotine-the primary addictive ingredient in tobacco cigarettes and the e-liquid used in electronic cigarettes-became a subject of interest after its value for mental health patients was revealed and started being studied.

While both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes involve consuming nicotine, e-cigarettes are significantly devoid of the physically damaging effects caused by traditional tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes use devices powered by lithium batteries, which, except for the ordinary malfunction of any gadget that uses lithium batteries, are just as safe as cell phones. The biggest advantage of e-cigarettes is in their ability to offer users the satisfaction of consuming a cigarette but sparing them the harmful chemical additives found in the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Also, since e-cigarettes allow the user to take in the nicotine through a vaporization process rather than through smoking, they make it possible to get nicotine without the hazardous carcinogens that are produced when burning tobacco. (See also: Can You Still Be Fit & Healthy When You Vape?)

Benefits of nicotine to mental conditions in regard to the actual benefits, it has emerged that nicotine has some relieving effects on patients with severe cases of depression, schizophrenia, and other mental conditions. The relief is partly chemical and partly psychological, but it is good to keep in mind the therapeutic benefits of e-cigarettes. It has been established that of all smokers in the US, 31 percent comprise people who have been diagnosed with mental health conditions. Furthermore, the analysis revealed that nicotine could be helpful in enabling patients to manage symptoms of chronic depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder, and other mental conditions.

The negative side of the relief offered by nicotine

While nicotine offers some relief to those who suffer from mental conditions, it comes at a very high cost due to the destruction enacted by traditional cigarettes. It has been observed that mental health patients who were held in psychiatric hospitals would die about 25 years earlier than the average expectancy, and some of the deaths could naturally be traced back to an addiction to cigarettes. It is thus against this background that e-cigarettes were deemed healthier, allowing patients to get the benefits of nicotine without having an adverse effect on their physical health.

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E-cigarettes as a smoking cessation therapy in addition to e-cigarettes being safer, they have also been proven to help those who want to quit smoking by acting as a smoking cessation therapy. There was a shocking revelation that 90% of schizophrenia patients use nicotine and that they face enormous difficulties stopping it, as opposed to those suffering from other mental disorders.

A study conducted by the University of Catania showed that e-cigarettes were helpful in enabling those with schizophrenia to reduce their nicotine intake. The beauty of it was that e-cigarettes made the patients cut down on their nicotine consumption without aggravating the symptoms of their disease.

Other benefits of e-cigarettes

No smoky smell: The use of e-cigarettes leaves no smell of smoke on your breath, hair, clothes, or fingers. It is possible to consume e-cigs in the car, house, or other places, without leaving behind a smoky odor.

Minimal risks of burning: Since their ends don’t get so hot, as is the case with traditional cigarettes, there is a lower risk of burning. The damage done by burning your car’s interior, clothes, furniture, and other things is forgotten while using e-cigarettes, as they are not lit, and you put them in your pocket once you are done.

Allowed in some places where smoking is prohibited: Since e-cigs do not emit smoke and flame, some areas that have banned smoking may allow e-cigs; however, you should verify with the establishments first to be sure since some places prohibit both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes. In places that do allow e-cigs, you would be able to manage your nicotine cravings without having to step outside, like at the bar/club in the restaurant.

Final thoughts

E-cigarettes undoubtedly make it possible to provide much-needed relief to patients with mental disorders in a healthier way than traditional cigarettes. Due to their smoking cessation therapy effect, e-cigs could be used alongside other smoking quitting techniques, more so in psychiatric wards. Also, e-cigarettes have no risk of burning, in contrast to traditional cigarettes, and leave no smell of smoke behind, making them much better.

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