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With busy lives and expensive medication, buying prescription drugs online is an excellent alternative once you learn the best way to do so. This process does come with a few risks; however, below are a number of tips to help you save money and to minimize the risk associated with online pharmacy purchases.

Save Money

One of the greatest perks to buying drugs online is that you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. These online pharmacies have a significantly larger market to sell to; therefore, they have better bargaining power with manufacturers. This helps to minimize the costs to the customer and for you to save money. These online pharmacies also do not require the overhead that a physical location requires to be able to service their customers. This, too, helps to reduce costs. And they can offer a wider selection of medications to provide cheaper alternatives, such as generic brands, where other pharmacies have a more limited selection. They may even accept coupons, such as a Cialis coupon.

Rules and Regulations

As more consumers turn to the Internet to make prescription drug purchases, the rules and regulations for online pharmacies continue to evolve. It is important to note that the Internet is home to nearly 100,000 fake pharmacy websites, according to the FBI. While this statistic may seem overwhelming, plenty of legitimate online pharmacies exist. You simply have to learn the best ways to determine if a website is safe, fake, or a scam. The US government requires online pharmacies to follow the same rules as bricks-and-mortar pharmacies; however, there is no international standard to prevent pharmacies in other countries from selling drugs that are not considered safe in the US.


The FDA is working to protect US consumers from fake drugs. They continually close online pharmacies for selling fake and counterfeit drugs, for selling to customers without the required documentation and information, and for selling medications that are substandard. They work hard to ensure that consumers are protected from scams and fake medicine. The FDA carefully examines, researches and tests any prescription drug medication that wishes to be sold in the US. All prescription drugs sold by online pharmacies in the US should be FDA approved. If they are not, the drugs could be harmful to your health. It is also important to note that the FDA also examines health supplements, such as vitamins and herbal remedies, so be sure to purchase these from reputable sources, as well.

Know The Risks

If you order drugs online, be sure it is a state-licensed pharmacy like Canadian Pharmacy. One of the fastest ways to determine whether or not a website is legitimate is to check its license. It is important to restate that if you buy drugs from outside the country, the US cannot protect you from scams and fake drugs. Counterfeit drugs are big business. Some fake drug manufacturers will make the drug identically to the real pills only they will leave out the active ingredient that makes the pill work. Other fake online pharmacies are hoping to steal your identity or your credit card information. Others will simply prescribe medications without a prescription or without a valid pharmacy license.

Take Precautions

Fake pharmacies will have a sophisticated website so that it appears to be legitimate. You must take the proper precautions to prevent taking dangerous fake medication, losing your identity, and losing your valuable healthcare money. Be sure to check whether or not the license of the pharmacy is valid. You can check the FDA website for known legitimate online pharmacies in each state. This will allow you to see the state or states in which they have a valid license. The online pharmacy should require a valid doctor’s prescription. They should be able to present an actual telephone number in the US and a physical US address. They should also have a licensed pharmacist on staff to be able to answer all of your questions.

You can also take steps to evaluate the legitimacy of an online pharmacy. A fake online pharmacy may offer significantly lower discounts than competitors. These prices will seem too good to be true because they are most likely fake. They will provide prescription medication without a valid prescription from your doctor. Fake or poor online pharmacies will not take steps to protect your private, personal health details and information. They might also not reveal the origins of the medication or whether or not the brand is FDA approved. It is also possible they may send you the incorrect medication or the wrong quantity. And never give out personal information, such as your credit card details, until you are certain the site is safe.

Buying From Foreign Online Pharmacies

Foreign online pharmacies can be highly appealing due to their significantly lower price tags. It is important to note that it is illegal to purchase drugs from outside of the country for personal use in the US; however, this does not prevent thousands of people from doing so each year, particularly when people have to choose between medication and food. This law also extends to driving or flying to another country and bringing foreign drugs back for personal use. You also are not to purchase drugs in or from other countries that were manufactured in the US and send or bring them back. And be sure to be mindful that many drugs offered in other countries are not approved by the FDA as safe for consumption. You will be taking these drugs at your own risk and against the law if you choose to follow this path of foreign online drug purchasing.

Buying drugs online can be an excellent way to save money and to create efficiency in your life. It is highly important to be sure to purchase your medication from a licensed online pharmacy that requires a prescription from your doctor and has countermeasures to protect your health information and your personal information. If you find an online pharmacy that lacks these basic requirements, they are likely a fake online pharmacy and should be avoided for your safety and protection.

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