Health Benefits of a Quiet House

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Living a healthy life is very crucial in today’s dynamic lifestyle. The way you feel has a lot to do with your quality of life and well being. While the noisy environment does not have a direct influence on your health, it certainly makes things worse and takes away your peaceful sleep.

You might end up experiencing agitation and irritation when exposed to noise on a constant basis. Moreover, it also hinders your ability to focus and concentrate on important tasks as you are always distracted by something or the other.

All that you expect after a hectic day at work is a calm and peaceful place that you can turn to. However, all the noise from neighborhood, traffic, construction and the likes can contribute to noise. Although noise pollution has not been given more attention, it leaves an impact on your mental health. Gladly, there are several ways using which you can soundproof your home and make it quieter than before.

How are noise and health related?

It is no news that a lot of health issues are caused due to stress. Noise can be the reason behind all the stress that is caused. Especially, in the metropolitan lifestyle, where traffic and other factors simply create a havoc. Due to the several disadvantages of noise, a lot of products and appliances these days are being incorporated with the feature of soundproofing. There are silent variants of electronics that are coming into the market just so that the user can benefit from it.

Blocking or dampening out the noise directly results in reducing the stress. A lot of health problems such as depression, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are correlated with stress. You can keep the stress in check by making sure that your home is noise free and thus reduce the symptoms. There are various ways in which you can soundproof your space and bring the decibels down. (See also: 6 Tips For Blocking Out Noise When Trying To Sleep)

The Benefits of a Quiet Home

You cannot absolutely get rid of the noise but you can surely bring it down. Below are a few advantages to having a quiet home.

  1. Better Concentration: Needless to say, a quiet surrounding is more conducive for work and results in better productivity. You tend to finish tasks faster and better when there are no distractions around you. Whether you are working on an important assignment or preparing for an interview, you can do exceedingly well at it when your ambience is quiet.
  2. Improved Relationship: It is natural to feel agitated due to all the noise and disturbance surrounding you. At times, the same agitation can reflect in your personal relationships. It has been shown that a quiet and peaceful environment induces positive bonding among family members.
  3. Less Stress: According to studies, quiet environment leads to relaxation and significantly reduces stress. A calm and relaxing ambience is associated with positive implications on the health. Thus, soundproofing your place and putting efforts in making it quiet can actually boost your health.
  4. Preventing Insomnia: Insomnia is the most common condition these days than ever. You can certainly not sleep well if all that you can hear is the sound of the bustling streets, honking cars and your neighbours playing loud music. For you to sleep peacefully, you definitely need a quiet atmosphere. Curbing the noise can help you sleep way better and it brings down your chances of being diagnosed with insomnia. A proper sleep cycle decides your mood for the next day. You can keep all the sleeping disorders at bay by ensuring that your room is noise free and as quiet as it can be.
  5. Improved Brain Function: when you sleep in a silent environment, your body rejuvenates faster. This helps you experience utmost relaxation. Studies have also shown that a noise-free ambience causes emotional wellbeing and improves the brain functioning.
  6. Peace of Mind: Don’t we all vouch for that much-needed peace of mind? Our whole day is spent in chasing one thing or the other and by the end of it, we all anticipate relaxation and silence. A nice and quiet space can be a haven since silence is golden. It provides the much-needed opportunity to unwind and simply let go. You can achieve this by soundproofing your living space.

How can you make your abode quieter?

Below are a few ways in which you can bring the noise down at home. Use this tricks to keep the noise at bay.

  • Turn off the sound notifications of your mobile phones and laptop or keep the volume at its minimum level. This will keep you from being distracted by each message notification.
  • Make it a habit to use headphones while watching videos or listening to music at home. You might be unknowingly disturbing other family members and this might take away from the silence.
  • Go for furnishings that are soft. Whenever you are looking for buying new furniture, you can always opt for furniture that is made with softer materials as it is better at absorbing sound. Similarly, you can use curtains that are thicker than your existing curtains to block away from the sound. Opt for layered curtains that can absorb most of the noise.
  • Invest in a thick carpet that you can use at home to absorb maximum sound. It will also help in preventing the noise when you move around furniture or when someone is walking around with their shoes on.
  • Include pillows in your decor as they are excellent in absorbing sound. You can add them to the bedroom or living room wherever you wish. You can also consider painting your room with soundproof paint as it is very effective as well.

Thus, a calm home implies better health as well as mental peace. You can use the above-mentioned ideas to maintain a serene ambience at home. The soundproof techniques and hacks will immensely help in absorbing most of the noise and bringing the decibels down. This, in turn, will result in improved health. (See also: 5 Reasons Why a Little Bit of Silence Each Day is Beneficial to Your Health and Psyche)

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