After years and years of waiting, it’s finally legal and there are even stores for medical marijuana. Compared to other stores, it might seem a little weird that it’s quite similar in many ways. It’s just that the store is selling weed and not some basic commodity. Just like everybody’s first time, going to a weed dispensary might be quite overwhelming. So here’s a list of what to expect or do when going to one for the first time.

Expect to be Intimidated

When you’re a first-timer, you’d think everyone here already knows what they’re doing and you’re just the newbie who obviously looks like one. You’re going to get intimidated by the number of people inside, whether they’re a lot or they’re just a few of them.

Marijuana is not the typical kind of commodity you can just purchase everywhere, it’s highly controlled that’s why the people can be very specific with what you want to get. But that’s okay, you’ll get used to it as you get to your succeeding visits.

Expect to Hand Out Your Card

If there’s one thing you should never forget to bring, it’s your medical marijuana card. Regardless of your age, it will be really convenient if you can just hand it over without any questions asked. Apparently, your card is as important as money because the budtenders will immediately ask for it. Money is important but so is your card.

It will also be appreciated by the budtenders if you’ll also hand in your recommendation so that they can easily scan over your condition and your needs. So, that means you also need your recommendation as well.

Expect to Wait

Lines are common in dispensaries of Langley, especially if you’ve come during peak hours where everybody dying to get their hands on something. These dispensaries are required to handle one person at a time. It’s their protocol to cater to each of the patient’s needs by asking several questions and answer the patient’s questions as well. With that being said, the process is bound to get long and it’s going to take a lot of time.

Well, it’s not always a bad thing because you’re also given the chance to take a look around at the different products. Being your first time, it’s going to be quite the experience of seeing everything at your own pace.

Expect to Be Asked

Just like what was mentioned in the previous section, budtenders will bombard you with questions because there are just so many products; they have to narrow it down to ones that will be more beneficial for you. They’re also quite specific because they’re being careful about it. these people know what they’re doing and they’ll do what they do best: ask questions.

Be prepared to expound on your condition and your preferences. Ask the questions progress, you’ll be reaching the point that the budtender will be recommending a few products. Just relax and answer as honestly as possible. These people only want to help you and you would want to make it easier for them to help you through your first time.

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Expect to Ask Questions

Well, you should be prepared even before you go to the dispensary. But after waiting for quite some time and getting asked questions, you should also have questions yourself. It may get a little overwhelming but you should ask to avoid any confusion or misconception.

You should ask about side effects or anything that you need to know, especially if you need to travel or use it with prescription drugs. Make sure that you don’t leave yourself hanging because it can be quite a hassle coming back just because you forgot to ask a few crucial questions.

Expect Expensive Pricing

Despite its legalization, it can still get pretty expensive. Things like this don’t come cheap, especially if they’re highly regulated. You’d want to ask about how they accept payment. You might be required to pay in cash if they don’t accept major credit cards.

If you want to avoid all the hassle, just ask before going there so you don’t have to take a second trip back to the store. You can just bring either, cash and a card. The more knowledgeable you are when it comes to payment, the less hassle it will be for you.

As negative as all these things you need to expect might sound, they’re not really that bad. Your first time doesn’t have to be a bad experience. You just need to prepare what you need and relax during the process. The questions won’t be really intimidating and the budtenders will most likely be friendly since they’ve been doing it for quite some time. Just enjoy it and remember the key points for your next visit.

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