Why Do People Nip

How important is it to measure your beauty against the norms set by society?

Who decides what is acceptable and what needs to be ‘perfected’ in the way you look?

Humans have a unanimous and unrealistic desire to look ravishing at all times. Inspired by celebs and pressured by peers, sooner or later many of us conclude that we need to go for cosmetic surgery.

Why Do People Nip, Tuck, and Suck In and Push Up

But the cost of such surgeries is not easily bearable by all of us. Where elite classes and celebrities can easily go for such cosmetic procedures, the rest of the population, mainly the middle class, needs to shell out a big chunk of their savings to get these surgeries done.

However, the worldwide trends around cosmetic surgeries reveal a different picture altogether.

However, the worldwide trends around cosmetic surgeries reveal a different picture altogether.

According to a report published by Medzino, it is clear that cosmetic surgery has become a significant global industry and the most indulged countries in such cosmetic procedures may surprise you.

Worldwide trends around cosmetic surgeriesAccording to a 2019 survey by RealSelf, the top-cited motivations among those who’ve had or are thinking about a cosmetic treatment are “to improve self-esteem/confidence” and “to look as good as I feel.”

So maybe getting your lips plumped won’t have benefits beyond increasing your self-esteem. But “in certain circumstances, some cosmetic treatments can benefit your health ”

A survey conducted by RealSelf reveals that the biggest motivating factor behind going for a cosmetic makeover is to improve your self-esteem and to look good and feel good in your own skin.

In certain situations, though, it has proved to have benefitted the well-being of the people who went for certain cosmetic procedures.

For example, Botox has shown proven results to help with serious conditions such as migraines, Bell’s paralysis, and maybe even chronic depression.

Ladies who went for breast reduction were reportedly facing relief from backaches and disc problems.

“While we may not be relieving cancer “, “the effect and psychological advantage [of some cosmetic procedures] can be significant.”

Cosmetic Surgery Men vs Women

As shown in the above infographic, ladies are undeniably more into cosmetic surgeries than men. A possible clarification for this lopsided disparity is that since its beginning, cosmetic procedures have been embraced more by ladies and subsequently most of such cosmetic solutions are custom-fitted to ladies.

Also, the solutions for ladies are often not for men and vice-versa. Yet, unisexual medical procedures are frequently attempted more by men than ladies, for example, – tummy tuck and liposuction.

Breast augmentation procedures

The above representation shows two varieties of breast augmentation procedures – specifically ‘bosom implants’ and ‘breast lift‘. Ladies with cup size B will go for breast surgery procedures more than some other cup size.

Vanity is a part of human nature. And while the procedures available for corrective cosmetic surgeries are increasing day-by-day, the real power vests in people who are willing to go for such procedures.

Cosmetic surgeries are not economically beneficial, but they do give a strong insight into the cultural set-up of a country or a region.

For more such interesting results derived from the report, read the complete report on how cosmetic surgeries are influencing social and social standards in different pieces of the world.

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