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Living with a relative or in an assisted leaving the facility is a great way to cope with the challenges that living alone brings for someone over the age of 70.

Your loved one could be ill, require help moving around or with self-care, or need supervised medical care, and if you opt to move them in or with a facility, the issue of their property will inevitably arise.

You may have to make room in your home for the stuff they deem too important or get rid of some of their belongings.

Self-storage is a perfect solution for you if your senior relative is about to leave their home, and this article will highlight the benefits you will accrue from getting a storage unit for their belongings:

1. Self-storage allows for long-term storage

When it’s time for the elderly to move, packing up everything can be quite overwhelming. For someone moving away from their home for an indefinite period, a long-term self-storage solution can come a long way in making the transition easier.

Stowing up their items of value in their garage or basement is rarely ever a good idea, and self-storage will provide a solution that will suit their need for secure, reliable storage for longer periods.

2. It offers an opportunity to sift through their belongings

As they start the process of moving out, sifting through belongings is a great way to determine the most valuable items to ensure what needs storage, what they need to move with, and what needs to be given out for donation or recycling.

Not everything needs to be put in a storage unit. Some items make more sense being put in a self-storage, including:

  1. Antique furniture with sentimental value
  2. Family heirlooms
  3. Valuable documents

3. Self-storage assures them of security of family heirlooms

If your senior relative has a collection of valuables that they insist must be kept safe, then heed their wishes by obtaining a secure self-storage unit. Such valuables often are family heirlooms, and can include:

  1. Art
  2. Jewelry
  3. Fine china or glass pieces
  4. Hand-made pieces
  5. Books
  6. Important documents
  7. Photo albums and framed pictures

Self-storage units have climate-controlled environments that you can count on to keep your family heirlooms safe from the elements and possible damage from being moved about in your garage or basement. In your attic, the rain or extreme temperature changes plus rodents can cause severe damage to such valuables.

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4. It makes selling the home easier

If your senior relative is moving out, the need to sell the home is an important aspect of a smooth transition, and to increase the chances of selling the home at a good price, it will be important to remove any personal belongings.

Potential homeowners may not want to buy a home filled with personal heirlooms, and real estate agents will prefer that the home be perfectly staged for potential buyers. With self-storage, you will be able to empty the home safely and without damaging anything.

5. Helps with downsizing

Living in a home with multiple floors can be a problem for elders with mobility problems. Moving into a smaller space, but still keeping essential items in a storage unit might be a logical choice.

An elderly, for instance, may move from a big home in to a condo or may want to designate some of the items to friends and family. However, there might be no room for items such as antique furniture and other large items.

If selling these is not an option, putting them in a long-term storage unit makes it ideal for various reasons:

  1. They remain safe
  2. You can have access to them anytime
  3. They cannot get lost or damaged

With self-storage, downsizing does not mean parting with your precious items. Your items will be safe and secure as long as you want.

6. Makes traveling easier

The elderly may travel for long periods after retirement. Putting important items such as valuable documents, jewelry, or other collectibles in a storage unit ensures they are always safe 24/7.

Most of the time, unfortunately, when the elderly travel, their unsecured homes may become easy targets for criminals.

Should you become a victim, there’s solace in knowing that your valuable items will be safe and in the same condition you left them in.


Moving the elderly does not have to be traumatizing. With a solution like a self-storage, it will be easier for your senior loved one to transition from a life of independence and into a new home or even move in with you.

They will have peace of mind that their treasured products are safe and can visit the storage facility once in a while to check on them.

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