Electric Toothbrush For Receding Gums

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Receding gums is has become a more reported problem among the individuals today. The recession of the gums happens when the gum tissue surrounding the teeth starts to wear off exposing teeth roots.  If the person is suffering from receding gums, gaps can form between gums and teeth giving space for bacteria to invade. Untreated receding gums can lead to damage to the bone structure of the teeth. Surprisingly, most of the people don’t realize that they are suffering from receding gums as it occurs gradually. It is Important to know the symptoms of receding gums and preventive measure against receding gums.  The current article throws a light on symptoms of receding gums and how using an electric toothbrush for receding gum can be an effective measure.

Symptoms of receding gums  

You can suspect that you are suffering from the problem of receding gums if you see a visible lengthening of the teeth. When the underlying gum diseases recede it, the appearance of the teeth will be more visible than normal. You can also experience exposed roots that are extremely sensitive.  You may also experience loose teeth due to the invention of bacteria or underlying periodontal diseases.

What causes receding gums?

There are many reasons why a person suffers from receding gums. You can be the victim of receding gums due to any of the reasons like poor dental hygiene, hormonal imbalance, genetics, lack of proper brushing techniques and much more. Few underlying health conditions like lack of genetics and hormonal imbalance could be addressed with proper medication. If the gum receding problem is due to poor dental hygiene and brushing techniques, it is time for you to consider electronic brush to handle receding gums.

How electronic brush helps to handle receding gums? 

As it is said, you could be a victim of receding gums due to lack of proper brushing technique. If you are searching for a right brush for receding gums, electronic toothbrush turns out to be a right choice over the normal one. They have a proven record of improving both your teeth and gums.  These brushes are effective in addressing dental plaque. Rapid movements of the motorized brushes can be more effective in removing debris from the teeth thus giving less chance for bacteria to invade the mouth. Electronic brushes come with pressure sensors, different brushing modes, timer along with orthodontic brush heads so, they tend to be more effective for receding gums than the manual ones.

What should you look in while choosing electronic brush?

It is good that you have decided to replace your manual brush with the electronic one to address the problem of receding teeth.  However, there are few factors that you should check in while picking electronic brush. (See also: Electric Toothbrushes – An Amazing Daily Use Product)

Type of the bush

Though you have shifted from manual brush to electronic brush,  picking one is not an easy game. There are many types of brushes in this category too and you have to make choice from different types like Rotating-oscillating brushes, Rotating electric toothbrushes, dual headed electronic brushes, sonic and ultrasonic toothbrushes.

Pressure sensors

Make sure that the electronic brush you choose for receding gums is equipped with the pressure sensors because these sensors will let you know how hard the bristles are pressing against the teeth when you brush them.

Orthodontic brush heads

It is recommended by the dentist to replace the electronic toothbrush every three months to have healthy gums. These brushes do not come cheap so, make sure that your electronic brush consists of orthodontic brush heads so that bristle indicators in these heads will let you when to replace the heads for effective results.

Cleaning mode

You are picking the electronic toothbrush to address the problem of receding gums so, cleaning modes of the brush are important too.   There are some electronic brushes that offer five different cleaning modes too. These brushes can be quite effective for the people suffering from receding gums as they can be easily customized according to different dental requirements of the person.


Let’s not forget to check another important feature which picking the motorized brushes for receding gums. Dentists advise people to brush the teeth for 2 minutes each time. Special features like a timer will be of great use in these scenarios.

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