Practising Yoga

Yoga is a combination of postures and exercises that use meditation techniques. It is a practice that falls under Ayurveda and has been used for centuries.

This usage promotes a healthy body and mind and therefore sound well-being. There are various yoga teacher training in India.  These will help you ease into the cosmic goodness and wisdom of yoga.

It is an ageless practice and can never do more harm than good. In spite of its complicated demeanor, these practices will grow on you in due course.

To finally start practicing yoga like a professional it is important to take baby steps. Getting the hang of simpler and basic postures and then moving to complex ones.

Advantages of Practising Yoga

1. Enhances flexibility – Regular practice of yoga will trigger strength and give you more mobility. Postures that engage in deep stretches will stimulate you and dwindle stiffness or tiredness. However, to see the desired results one must wait for at least 8 weeks.

2. Builds strength – Yogic practices focus on core strength to a great extent. It accentuates muscle toning. The most popular strength-building postures are a downward dog, upward dog, and vinyasa flow.

3. Bettering posture – While building core strength we are always required to keep our back upright. This gives a nudge in the direction. It discourages slouching and prominently focuses on keeping the back straight.

4. Enhancing breathing – The epicenter of yoga and meditation practices is breathing. The rhythmic transformation allows you to relieve stress.

5. Fights insomnia – Practising yoga releases melatonin, which is a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. This release abets more sound sleep.

6. Builds immunity – It is a scientifically established fact that yoga builds immunity. It rids your body of unwanted toxins and rejuvenates it.

7. Helps with battling persistent sickness – There are times in a person’s life when no amount of medicines seem to be assisting with a particular sickness. Yoga has emerged as a savior. Shilpa Shetty, a celebrity and now yoga instructor talks about one such instance. She had cervical spondylosis for 18 years and nothing seemed to improve it. But practicing yoga merely thrice a week completely rid her of her sickness.

With its multitude of benefits, yoga is distinctly gainful. Individuals who seek to assist others in life, also take up learning to coach yoga.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga

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Power yoga has gained considerable momentum in the fitness domain. It engulfs a vigorous series of poses performed in a sequence to enhance flexibility and strength.

Unlike traditional yoga, power yoga is overzealous and focuses on athleticism. The fusion of traditional yoga combined with strength training gave birth to power yoga. It will definitely lead to a fitter body and mind.

Learning from the Best

Yoga guru

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Baba Ramdev is an Indian Yoga guru who started yoga camps, which validated fruitful results. He assembled multiple people together in auditoriums and walked them through different yoga asanas. People of all demographics were a part of his program.

His practices have helped people reshape their bodies and lives. They are on a journey of becoming healthier both mentally and physically. Let us talk about an experience discerned by one of my own family members who attended his camps.

My mother had been battling a chronic cold for over a year and would resort to high levels of medication with no positive ramification. Attending a one-week session not only wrestled her sickness woes away but also significantly helped her migraine.

Yogi Kamal Singh is another guru who anchors his program in Rishikesh. He has profoundly affected people’s lives through the yoga medium.

Shri Shri Ravi Shankar is a spiritual leader and the birth giver of the Art of living. It literally translates to art; skill and living; manner of life. The locus of the program is primarily epicenter around breathing, meditation, and yoga.


The linchpin of yoga is sound body and mind. It aggravates personal growth and self-awareness. India as a country has been blessed with its wisdom.

Yoga has become increasingly popular as a lifestyle choice all over the world. We could credit our ancestors for it and current practitioners who promote and proliferate its ideologies.

We must imbibe these practices in the generations to come from an early age. It will help with the commotion that has become a vast part of our everyday lives. And, teach us more about gratitude and the importance of living healthy.

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