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Living in Baltimore is great. It’s wonderful to work in a tough and competitive city and feels right to support your town’s sports teams, even if you’re not always rewarded for your loyalty. Walking around Baltimore’s scenic areas, visiting the Aquarium, and raising your kids in a place like this is typically what most people want, but Baltimore isn’t always as great as it might seem. Like any other city, it has stresses and unhealthy temptations. It demands a lot of you, and sometimes your physical and mental health are short-changed. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of the Baltimore lifestyle, the ways in which it might be unhealthy, and how you can go about building a better life in Charm City.

All work and no play…

Like other East Coast cities, Baltimore is a fast-talking and fast-moving town. There’s a bit of southern charm in Maryland, but nobody would mistake this bustling city for a slow-paced town in the Deep South. Like D.C., Philadelphia, or even New York City, it’s a competitive, hard-working, fast-talking scene.

That’s great because you’re more than capable of building your career on a big stage. But be wary of your own work habits. Working too much is terrible for your health, and it can lead to serious mental health problems like burnout. Take care to build a healthy work-life balance: Keep work out of certain times and spaces (with specific rules and hard-and-fast habits that you actually stick to) and be sure to actually use your vacation days. Consider seeing a therapist, as doing so is a great way to manage your mental health proactively even if you’re not overwhelmed by stress at work or home.

You are what you eat

Baltimore is a city full of wonderful food. Unfortunately, the people here may be eating a bit too much of it. Baltimore’s obesity statistics may not be the worst in the nation, but they’re not admirable, either. If you’ve been sneaking Old Bay fries into your diet every other day for as long as you’ve been in Baltimore, then you’re probably starting to notice the problem on a personal level.

Be smart. Your diet should consist primarily of whole foods — unprocessed vegetables and meats that you’ll find around the perimeter of the supermarket. Cut back on processed foods, which include everything from regular old bread to corporate food-lab concoctions like Cheez-Its, which are delicious, but have no redeeming nutritional qualities whatsoever.

Meanwhile, try to get some exercise. There are lots of places to run and work out in Baltimore, not to mention lots of great outdoor activities like softball leagues. Get out and about, and get a move on. You should be getting 150 minutes of exercise per week — and that’s at a bare minimum.

Doctor, doctor

Smart lifestyle choices will do a lot to keep you happy and healthy, but you can’t handle everything on your own. That’s what healthcare professionals are for. Be sure to visit your doctor at least once a year for a check-up, and be quick to report symptoms and illnesses if you’re concerned about any.

Most people in Baltimore and beyond are pretty good about seeing doctors for check-ups, and you probably are, too. But what about your mental health? You should be just as proactive about your mind as you are about your body, explain the experts at Therapy Group of Baltimore ( You should strongly consider therapy, which is not just for those with mental illnesses. Talk therapy can give you powerful insights and smart strategies for managing stress, building stronger relationships, and keeping yourself on-track in your personal and professional lives. It’s a very smart way to improve your Baltimore lifestyle.

Living in Baltimore is amazing, but it’s not without its stresses. By being conscious of your well-being through a better diet, work-life balance, and with a top therapist by your side, you’ll be able to tackle this city and live a more healthy and productive life.

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