10 Benifits of Having a Laser Therapy-

Estimates show that nearly 1.5 billion people worldwide struggle with chronic pain. And although this pain is most common among adults, children, and teens aren’t exempt.

If you’re one of the billions dealing with physical pain, then laser therapy can possibly provide relief. Treatment involves using wavelengths of light to reach the source of your pain.

You can contact Laser Therapy Ultima Health Care for more information. But first, here are 10 benefits of using laser therapy.

1. Pain Relief

Laser therapy is a therapeutic treatment that reaches the exact source of your pain. This is possible because the light wavelengths produced by the laser penetrate beneath your skin.

Other treatments, such as massage therapy, don’t penetrate quite as deeply as a laser. When treatment reaches the root of the pain, then it can provide immense relief. But you may require more than one therapy session before results are noticeable.

2. Drug-Free Pain Management

Chronic pain symptoms are often managed with prescription painkillers. These narcotics reduce your sensitivity to pain, but they’re also highly addictive.

When abused, painkillers are just as addictive as common street drugs. Some of the most common addictive painkillers include Vicodin, Lortab, OxyContin, Demerol, and Darvon.

Addiction is avoidable if you take the pills as instructed. But depending on your level of pain, you may begin to abuse the medication. Laser therapy can relieve your pain, which can result in less reliance on painkillers.

If you’re concerned about becoming addicted, speak with your doctor about laser therapy or other non-medicinal pain management techniques.

3. Improve Quality of Life and Relationships

Chronic pain tends to negatively affect all areas of your life. You may become unable to participate in your favorite hobbies or activities. You might snap at your kids when they simply want to enjoy your company.

Or the pain might cause you to spend days away from your job. The relief provided by laser therapy can have a positive effect on your life. When you feel better, you’ll enjoy life and those around you.

4. Encourage Healing

Laser therapy encourages your body to heal itself by supporting tissue repair and cell growth. And if you’re experiencing painful inflammation, therapy can reduce that as well.

Another benefit is that the area being treated receives increased blood flow. This blood flow provides the extra energy and nutrients your cells need to naturally repair themselves.

5. Helps Nerves Function Properly

Damaged nerves are often the cause of chronic pain. The function of healthy nerves is to send pain signals to your brain. But damaged nerves can cause continuous sensations of numbness, tingling, and burning.

Laser therapy can possibly improve nerve function, which will reduce the pain caused by damaged nerves.

6. Accelerates Wound Healing

Laser therapy is often recommended to speed up the healing process following surgery or an injury. It’s a non-invasive form of pain management that doesn’t require possibly addictive medications.

There are also no known side effects caused by laser therapy. Increased blood flow to the damaged area helps speed the wound healing process.

7. Less Scar Tissue

Some surgeries and treatments cause scar tissue to develop. While scar tissue alone doesn’t cause pain, it can affect how you feel about your appearance.

Laser therapy can reduce the appearance of scars by encouraging collagen production. The therapy can also make scars less noticeable.

8. Can Possibly Reduce Chronic Knee Pain

Research shows that knee pain sometimes responds well to laser therapy. Although it’s not exactly known how or why this works.

Some supporters of laser therapy for aching knees say that the laser causes a release of pain-fighting chemicals. Plus, the benefit of the laser supporting cell growth, improving circulation, and supporting the growth of new tissue helps as well.

The consensus on just how beneficial laser therapy is for knee pain hasn’t been reached. But laser therapy is worth considering if you’re dealing with chronic knee pain.

9. Improves Blood Vessel Function

Laser therapy helps reduce pain-causing inflammation. This is significant because inflammation can cause damage to your circulatory system.

And without a healthy circulatory system, your arteries and veins will struggle to carry oxygen, nutrients, and blood throughout your body.

Most notably, decreasing chronic inflammation also decreases your risk of stroke and heart disease.

10. Works in Conjunction with Cancer Treatments

Laser therapy is often used to treat cancers that appear within the lining of organs or on the body’s surface. But if in the early stages, lasers can also possibly treat cancers such as cervical, penile, and vaginal.

Laser therapy is also a popular choice for destroying or shrinking tumors that are causing an obstruction within the body, such as a tumor blocking the intestines.

Is Laser Therapy Right for You?

Whether or not laser therapy is right for you depends on your situation. What’s right for you may not be the best choice for someone else.

That’s why you’re advised to speak with your doctor before deciding to try laser therapy. You may have medical issues that prevent you from trying laser therapy. Or perhaps you’ll discover that laser therapy is just what you need.

Also, if you’re concerned about becoming addicted to painkillers, laser therapy is definitely worth considering. Therapy might not stop your pain completely, but when successful, it will certainly decrease your pain.

Another benefit is that it’s non-surgical and doesn’t require cutting. Because of this, you might have the option of choosing laser therapy over an invasive surgical procedure.

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