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There are a lot of researches, studies, and articled out there that say red wine is like the Holy Grail of health benefits. All of the antioxidants, the cardiovascular health, the list goes on that it would take you a day just to read all through them. Well, it is a simple fact for red wines to be good for your health, but so does white wine. White wine deserves its time on the spotlight as it is also a great drink just as it is healthy.

Drink Moderately

Wine glasses come in a lot of shapes and sizes, and since we don’t have the same alcohol tolerances, one drink maybe a few drinks to another. A small amount of Petrus wines or practically moderate drinking is healthy for the body since it is associated with a lot of benefits for the organization. On the other hand, we all know that heavy drinking could also result in a lot of health problems.  Scientists consider a drink to be only five ounces. There is a 12% alcohol in wine, and drinking 14 grams of pure alcoholic content is just enough for your body. Beer has a low alcoholic content, so ‘it’s safe to drink a lot of it.

Polyphenol’s Power

There are fewer studies on white wine since scientist are more into red wines, as it is more popular than the white ones. A reason for this is that red wines have a lot more of polyphenol content than white wines. Polyphenol is the main reason that makes wines healthy since it is an antioxidant. According to an article, polyphenols are one type of substance that could prevent you from having a metabolic syndrome that is the prime cause of diabetes and heart disease.

Why White Wines are Good for You

Even without the polyphenols, there is still a slew of health benefit white wines have in store for you. For instance, aged white wines are more good for you than gin. That shows us how white wines can still be healthy for us because of its chemicals other than having alcohol. There a study that shows that white ‘wine’s compounds repair endothelial cells. Endothelial cells are responsible for lining up your arteries for better blood circulation. There is also a study that is about scientists getting polyphenols from the white wine and feeds them to mice. The mice develop a certain low amount of possibility to have Alzheimer’s disease. There is also this phenol called caffeic acid, which when studied, researchers found out that it helps prevent hearts diseases and kidney problems.


There is a lot of buzz about antioxidants in general, but what do they do to help us with our overall health? It is a simple fact that antioxidants like phenol lower the risk of heart problems, how do they do that? It is something to do to what we call free radicals. Free radicals float are oxygen molecules that float around our body that do some damage to our health. Antioxidants neutralize those pesky free radicals to protect our health, especially our heart.

Switching from Red to White

There are many reasons for people to stay with red wines, and rightfully so. However, there are also a lot of people who have allergies to red wine but have no such reaction to white wine. So, it just makes sense for those people to switch to white wines instead. Not just allergies though, it is also a matter of taste, some people like the taste of white wine more than red wines. There is maybe fewer polyphenol content on white wine, but it also has its chemicals that make up for the lack of polyphenol content, compared to red wine.

Weight Gain

Drinking wine excessively also has its drawbacks; the most common one is calories. There are 125 calories per glass as each ounce of wine has about 25 calories. So, two glasses of white wine have a 250 calorie contents. If you drink two glasses each night in a week, you will be burning off an extra 1750 calories. So before you drink a lot of wine, you may have to cut off a few calories in your food intake, to have some spare room for wine.


There are a lot of benefits wines can have. Red wine, being the most popular, have all the attention, but on the other hand, white wine also has a few tricks of its own. But not because something is healthy, you have to indulge yourself to that thing. Heavy drinking is harmful and can cause a lot of troubles, not just in your health, but also in your life. Just a reminder to all drinker out there, ladies and gentlemen, always remember, drink moderately.

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