Several studies have shown that benefits of multivitamins are crucial for good health. There are also studies that have combined the dangers of taking multivitamins with the possible risk of toxicity. Deficiency in multivitamins can cause several outpours in the body and skin. Usually, doctors prescribe multivitamins to mitigate the lack of some of the complex vitamin groups. The aim is to provide overall balance to vitamin deficiencies in the body. The human body has specific needs each unique to its own, so specific vitamin needs are specific to the body. Multivitamins and minerals are essential for body functions and are often taken as tablets or substitutes. There is only about a certain limit to vitamins that can be gained from natural foods and Top Multivitamins provide the remaining sources. If there are uncomfortable signs that we often tend to ignore such as bleeding gums, bad breath or acne then it might be a case of vitamin deficiency. Here is a list of signs that show you need multivitamins.

10 Signs of Vitamin Deficiency

  1. Pale or Dry Skin

If you are experiencing dry or flaky skin even if it weathers that are moist or humid then this might be due to a deficiency in vitamin D and vitamin A. Pale skin also indicates a deficiency of multivitamins such as folic acid, biotin, iron and vitamin B6.

  1. Acne

Acne or skin inflammation is one of the most notable signs of multivitamins deficiency. The cause of which can mostly be related to a deficiency in vitamins A and C and also the B-complex vitamins such as vitamin B2 or B6. The other signs of vitamin C deficiency can also be nosebleeds or bleeding gums.

  1. Weaker Bones

This is not an unknown phenomenon as weaker bones that lead to osteoporosis are due to lack of calcium and vitamin D. This occurs due to lack of sunlight or not eating vitamin D rich foods such as egg yolk, cheese or fatty fish like salmon or mackerel. Natural multivitamins such as orange juice and soymilk also provide vitamin D but this deficiency is a common phenomenon to women of all age and usually happens over a longer period of time. Weaker bones and getting cold or flu regularly can also be a sign of vitamin D deficiency. The ideal intake of vitamin D should be about 600 IU (international unit) for an average adult.

  1. Depression

Studies have shown that depression can be caused by lack of vitamin C in the human body. Top multivitamins can aid the general well-being of the body so much so to avoid or reduce chances of depression. Natural multivitamins such as vitamin C in oranges or citric foods act as antioxidants in the body. The normal intake of vitamin C for an average adult should be about 85 mg per day.

  1. Hangnails

If you notice hangnails as a common condition then maybe it is time to check vitamin C, vitamin B9 (folic acid) and proteins. Hangnails are common during winter because the skin dries out really fast but as a pre-existing condition this might be a sign that you need multivitamins.

  1. Photophobia

Photophobia (also known as light sensitivity) is a sign that there is a lack of vitamin B2 and vitamin A that causes intolerance to sunlight or fluorescent lights. Eyes become hypersensitive to the UV rays produced by sunlight, however, it is supposed to be a normal discomfort but heightened stresses that may even lead to headaches and migraines may be a sign of vitamin deficiency.

  1. Jaundice

Jaundice is an illness that is related to a variety of low multivitamins and minerals which affect liver function. Vitamins A, C, and E are deficient causing jaundice along with the B complex vitamins B6 and B12. Lack of essential minerals such a zinc, magnesium and also lecithin can relate to severe jaundice.

  1. Rapid thinning and hair fall

Rapid thinning of hair and uncontrollable hair fall can be a sign that your body needs protein. Essential amino acids are present as natural multivitamins in foods such as lean meat, eggs, cheese and even hemp seeds, legumes and other plant sources. Lack of protein can be added to trusted multivitamin brands if natural foods do not mitigate the deficit.  The normal intake of protein should be about 45mgs a day for average adult women.

  1. Dizziness, breathing difficulties and possible chances of anemia

Feeling light-headed or dizzy all the time are signs that direct you to lack of iron. Having breathing difficulties at regular intervals also indicate that there is a need for iron-rich multivitamins in the body. Top multivitamins usually comprise iron and other complex vitamins to add to the deficit lagging from normal food intake. Iron helps in circulating oxygen in the body and is thus needed to prevent anemia. The regular intake of iron should be about 18mgs a day for the average adult.

  1. Muscle Loss

This is also known as “muscle wastage” and is known to happen due to lack of protein. For persons doing an intensive workout, having a balance or protein and preferably organic multivitamins are a plus. Protein also reduces chances of diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. To prevent muscle loss, to strengthen muscle mass and tissues fitness experts usually guide an average of 130 mg per day of protein intake for adults.

Conditions for Multivitamins

There could be a number of inexplicable conditions that indicate that you need multivitamins. Multivitamins for children can also be taken under doctor’s guidance to prevent diseases at a later age. Conditions such as stress or hypothyroidism where you need minerals such as magnesium, zinc or selenium can be an indicator that there is a vitamin deficiency. Digestive issues also indicate lesser absorption of vitamins, thus showing signs of deficiency. Common vitamin deficiency symptoms such as fatigue or brain fog are also typical signs. Under doctor’s supervision, you can buy multivitamins online or can find them at general drugstores.

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