All our lives we’ve been told repeatedly that breakfast is the foundation for the day ahead.  However, as adults, there are some days that we skip breakfast, though we make sure we have it on other days. After all, we learned at a young age that we should avoid skipping breakfast.

Breakfast is typically the first meal of the day. Many health organizations and professionals recommend a healthy breakfast to start your day.  Let’s take a look at what breakfast is all about and how it can help or hurt you.

Start out the Day

Many authorities argue that breakfast is vital for your energy levels throughout the day ahead.  Without having breakfast before starting your workday, it is likely that you could get tired, mentally fatigued, and be thinking about food more than you should – all of the which-which could adversely affect your work.

Your body goes into a state of hibernation at night, allowing it to store energy, restore muscular tissue, and regain strength.  However, when you wake up in the morning, you are in a fasted state and your energy processes could be out of whack.

Lose Weight Eating Breakfast

Some professionals recommend weight loss that is slow and consistent to prevent any regaining of weight.  Some studies have shown that eating a reasonable breakfast can assist with weight loss and help you to keep it off.  Starvation, on the other hand, can lead to overeating at other meals, leading to more abdominal girth as a result.  It is best to consume a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in the morning to help your body be a well-balanced and happy machine through the day.

So What Should You Do?

While some people may claim that skipping breakfast or even fasting throughout the day, will be more effective when it comes to achieving weight loss; it is better to think twice before skipping any meals, especially breakfast. Skipping too many meals leads to a drastic reduction in your blood glucose values, that in turn can cause you to faint, pass out, or even suffer a blackout.

With this in mind, it is evident that a far safer course of action for you, as far as losing weight and being healthy is concerned, is to have your breakfast without fail.

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Dr.Jessica Tilghman specializes in family medicine and is based out of Maryland, USA. She works with her local community to deliver last mile healthcare to those who can’t access it. She brings her passion for community service to the global community through her work with


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