With the New Year now in full swing, millions of individuals all across the globe are already struggling to stick to their New Year’s resolutions, as the hope and motivation, they felt on January 1st becomes a distant memory. Often, these resolutions surround health, as you can probably tell by the January surge in gym attendance. Whether you’ve tried sticking to New Year’s fitness resolutions in the past with little luck, or are simply trying out fitness resolutions for the first time, here are a few resolutions that are ideal for anyone looking to drastically live healthier and happier for years to come.

Make Positive Dietary Changes

One of the best ways to make improvements to your 2018 self is to get educated on nutrition while seeking out a diet that works for you. If you do not want to give up meats and cheese, consider a ketogenic or paleo diet. For those who are conscious about meat consumption, get involved with a vegan or vegetarian community for moral support and guidance.


Get a Bit More Active in Your Everyday Life

Spend at least 30 minutes of each day taking a walk, even if you do so in your own neighborhood. While most of us now work at desk jobs for at least eight hours a day, spending time on our feet and getting excess energy out is a great way to stay in shape while keeping other parts of the body working properly and efficiently.

Consider a Pay As You Go Gym

Whether you go to the gym every day, or you just want to try a new workout this year a great option for working out after the new year is to do so at a “pay as you go” gym, rather than binding yourself into a contract with a gym that requires more financially upfront. Joining a quality pay-as-you-go gym here in Toronto, you may ultimately feel more excitement and motivation when visiting your gym, (as opposed to feeling obligated to visit frequently, which may put a damper on your long-term goals).


Speak Frequently to Trainers and Fitness Experts

Taking time to speak with personal trainers and fitness experts at your pay-as-you-go gym is another way to learn more about the body while picking up tricks to help you stay in shape and retain motivation throughout the year. The more you become actively involved with communicating to others about your fitness goals, the easier it is to stick to the plans you have set in stone for yourself.


With a better understanding of diet, nutrition, and the benefits of exercise, it becomes much easier to create smaller goals to stick to throughout the year. Even if you have drastic goals for yourself it is important to avoid getting caught up on one goal you have set. Instead, focusing on realistic and simple tricks to train your brain to focus on health with the best gyms in Toronto is extremely helpful when looking to fulfill long-term health goals for any New Year’s resolution you have in mind.

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Angela Smith is an article writer who is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. She’s a total diet enthusiast, who believes that true pleasure comes from taking care of your body and having great relationships to create an exceptional quality of life.

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