Nose Problems

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People get nose jobs for cosmetic or medical reasons. A person may want to enhance the look of their nose or to correct a problem related to an injury. Understanding the common reasons why people get nose jobs may help others when determining if the option is something they should consider for their nose concerns. Here are five common nose problems to know about and the solutions for them:

1. Nose size proportion

Some people are not happy with how their nose looks when compared to other facial features. A person may think their nose is too big or too small. Such detail affects self-esteem and confidence. For others, they may depend on their looks if their job depends on it, like modeling. A standard solution many choose is rhinoplasty nose job procedure that either narrows or widens the nostrils to get the desired appearance.

2. Reshape or straighten nose or nose tip

Sometimes the shape or alignment of one’s nose is recognizable, creating unwanted attention. The shape or angle of one’s nose may cause concerns with facial appearance. A person may want to change the shape of their nose tip or want their nose lined up if it appears crooked. Many may seek to consult a medical professional to learn ways a nose job gives a look they want. (See also: When A Broken Nose Is No Longer A Joke!)

3. Deviated nasal septum

People with breathing problems may have what is called a deviated septum. It occurs due to nose cartilage being off-center. Some people experience sinus difficulties as a result. It can be noticeable with the nose leaning toward one side of the face. A surgical procedure can straighten the cartilage between the nasal cavities as a solution.

4. Medical problems

Medical problems related to inflammation, allergies, or deformities are often corrected through surgical procedures like a nose job. A person can have a birth defect such as a cleft lip or cleft palate that affects their ability to breathe or eat. Chronic allergies may often occur when nasal passages need correction to improve airflow and circulation.

5. Nose injury

Nose injuries such as burns or broken bones may qualify for a surgical procedure to correct the issue. Such methods reconstruct the nose and how the process is carried out depends on the extent of the injury. A consultation with a nasal surgeon provides in-depth details about which options are best to achieve a favorable outcome.

Many nose concerns are treatable through surgical procedure options known as cosmetic surgery. Such surgical options may improve how the nose functions. You can discuss your nose concerns with a trained and experienced nasal surgeon specialist. Insurance companies provide coverage for specific procedures. It is essential to discuss your options and learn what your insurance will cover.  Ask a surgical specialist on how to qualify for corrective surgery. Qualifications such as your health, face structure, and overall goal for your appearance are evaluated to determine if you’re the right candidate for cosmetic surgery.

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