Fix Rotten Teeth

Are you struggling with rotting teeth?

Just smiling, laughing, eating, and communicating isn’t a part of oral health. Good oral health starts when you have no oral problems. And when the condition is relevant to rot teeth, from eating to drinking everything seems difficult.

And if left untreated, these may cause more pain and cavities. Is it too late?

Wondering if it is possible to fix your rotting teeth?

Yes, with the help of a well-known, experienced, and reputed dentist it is surely possible.

What are the symptoms of rotten teeth?

Knowing about the symptoms of oral health is sometimes really difficult and comes with a lot of confusion.

However, talking about rotten teeth, one of the most obvious signs is visible holes/pits in the enamel.

If you also notice black, brown, or white staining on the tooth surface, then consider consulting a dentist.

Besides, here are some other symptoms of rotten teeth that you should know :

  • Sensitivity and unable to enjoy food
  • Toothache, gum infections, and inflammation
  • Bad breath
  • You may feel pain when chewing something
  • When it seems like an unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • When eating or drinking something cold or heat, you may experience mild to sharp pain
  • You may notice brown, black, or gray spots on the tooth
  • However, in severe situations, you may see swelling and pus

Be it any sign, symptom, or uncomfortable feeling you get, make sure you immediately opt for a dentist.

This is because when it comes to rotten teeth patients often realize it late when it reaches the last stage.

Can dentists fix rotten teeth?

Even though there is no cure to fix rotten teeth, with the help of a dentist Folsom you can surely expect several treatment options that help in reducing further decay.

However, depending on the cavity a dentist may take further steps.

This is because a rotten tooth not only causes pain and discomfort but can also spread the infection to adjacent teeth as well as to the gums.

Therefore, with the consultation of a dentist here are some ways to fix a rotten tooth:

  • Filling the cavity– The doctor may remove the decay and replace the defect with sustenance to restore the tooth’s original shape.
  • Putting a crown on the tooth– In situations where the tooth is damaged, a dentist may treat the teeth by putting either a crown or cap. Basically, this is a manmade replacement above the gum line where the tooth is usually visible.
  • Using an implant or bridge– In case the dentist finds the root canal infected, then he/she may extract the tooth and replace it. This procedure or replacement is done with the help of using either an implant or a bridge.
  • All on 4 dental implants– Another treatment for fixing rotting teeth is the All on 4 dental implants. This procedure acts as a support for the new set of fixed teeth. These are comfortable and do not press down the gums.

Other recommendations by a dentist to fix a rotten tooth

Here are some recommendations by a dentist in Marietta on how to fix a rotten tooth in an early stage :

  • Diet

For rotten teeth early-stage treatment a dentist may recommend you to follow a well-balanced diet. This is because the vitamins and minerals present help in healing rotting teeth. So you should opt for fish oil, a diet rich in gelatin, intake of mineral-rich vegetables, etc. Also, keep yourself hydrated.

  • Maintain oral hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene plays an important role in overall oral health. From flossing your teeth, brushing your teeth twice to brushing in tiny circular motions to remove every stain or food particle, all these will not only help to reduce rotten teeth but also help in preventing further decay.

Keep visiting your dentist frequently!

Rotten teeth may affect your daily life. And the worst thing is you may remain unaware of it until the large stage.

So instead of ignoring these symptoms, visit the dentist as soon as possible.

Besides, also pay attention to what you eat, foods that stick in your mouth, etc. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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