Along with the modern advances brought about by technology in cosmetic dentistry. Why should this matter, you ask? What does cosmetic dentistry have anything to do with you, you wonder?

Suffice it is to say that achieving a great smile is now possible through cosmetic dentistry, and who does not want to improve the overall look of one’s smile? Aimed at dental aesthetics, it involves any dental work aimed at improving the appearance of your teeth, gums, and bite. In short, it is all the work done to give you a more dazzling smile.

Dazzling smile

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The field of cosmetic dentistry has enjoyed some innovative developments in the past ten years. Among those many developments are veneers, which come in either composite resin or porcelain that are placed over the teeth. These veneers improve a person’s smile which then effectively improve a person’s appearance. They also serve as protection to each tooth’s surface, making them more damage-resistant.

In this case, more and more people are preferring and realising that porcelain veneers can dramatically improve a person’s smile. A composite resin veneer has small holes and spaces in the surface while a porcelain one is a thin shell of porcelain that is stain-resistant. Both are created to match your teeth and are attached to the outer surface of the tooth. Application of the composite resin can be completed in one visit, while porcelain needs at least two visits, but if placed properly, it is much better for the gums.

With that in mind, here are a few of the conditions that can be resolved by having porcelain veneers fitted to the front of the teeth.

  1. Stained or Discoloured Teeth – Teeth can be easily stained, particularly with extended exposure to tobacco products, tea, coffee, cola, fruit juices, and even red wine. With affordable porcelain veneers in Brisbane or in your local area, you can have a much whiter smile. The dentist would discuss with you the various shades and would ensure that the veneers perfectly match your natural tooth colour, and it is unlikely that you would need every tooth to be veneered.
  2. Slight Gaps Between the Teeth – Many people have gaps between their teeth, and while some are not concerned with this and even like this, other people are very self-conscious of this and that can affect their self-confidence. If you would like to explore the potential that porcelain veneers can offer regarding those slight gaps between the teeth, make an introductory appointment with a cosmetic dentist, who would be able to recommend the best solution for your concern.

Slight Gaps Between the Teeth

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  1. Slightly Crooked Teeth – Even those teeth that grow at a slightly irregular angle can be covered with porcelain veneers, thus giving the appearance of perfectly straight teeth. A skilled cosmetic dentist can transform a person’s appearance using top-quality porcelain veneers, and this painless, non-invasive treatment will last for many years. There are composite veneers available, but it is generally accepted that porcelain offers more durability, and even though porcelain ones cost a little higher, they will last much longer than composite veneers.
  2. Teeth of Different Lengths – Some people have a mixture of teeth, with some longer than others, and this is ideally resolved by the application of porcelain veneers. Of course, you would not require the application of veneers on every tooth, and with the dentist’s skill, all of your teeth would look even and of the same length. If you book an introductory appointment with a skilled cosmetic dentist, he or she would be able to show you some amazing before and after images that demonstrate how good porcelain veneers are when applied correctly.
  3. Chipped Teeth – It is oh so easy to chip one of your front teeth, which would be unfortunate if it does happen. However, don’t fret; this is not something to worry about when you have porcelain veneer treatment, which conceals the chipped section. Once completed, no one would ever know you had a chipped tooth. If there is a single tooth that is chipped, the porcelain veneer would be crafted to perfectly fit the front of the tooth, and no one would ever know it wasn’t your real tooth.

Chipped Teeth

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Of course, porcelain veneers are not the solution for every condition, but it is a great option, especially with a skilled cosmetic dentist who can work wonders. In many cases, porcelain veneers can completely transform a person’s smile, which adds self-confidence to that person, a quality that is attractive to everyone.

If you would like to improve your appearance and have any of the above conditions, there is a good chance that porcelain veneers are the answer. Head over to your nearby clinic now and speak with a cosmetic dentist. When you go to a reputable dentist, you’ll surely be in good hands and be able to breathe new life and beauty to your pearly whites.

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