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With over 60% of customers viewing online reviews weekly, a current survey suggests that nearly 93% of consumers admit that online testimonials do impact their buying decisions. The research also reveals that 68% of consumers are ready to pay 15% more for a similar product or service if they are confident that they’ll have a great dining experience.

The study concludes that consumers do trust online restaurant surveys and these testimonials remain very effective when it comes to making buying decisions.

Importance of Online Restaurant Surveys

Let’s admit it, today’s restaurant owners usually have a huge amount of important work. Between diner’s rush, controlling staff, and computing inventory, it’s cumbersome for restaurant owners to find time to advertise their business. Also, the influence of the digital world on our businesses is powerful than ever before.

A lot of consumers rely on online survey sites such as TellBostonMarket for suggestions and legit restaurant surveys. Recent researches also demonstrate that owners strongly feel that improving their online reputation has become a mandatory aspect of running their restaurant businesses.

Why Do Customers Trust Online Reviews?

Online Reviews

It’s pretty obvious that unhappy diners leave negative feedback while the owners can expect great reviews from their happy customers. But, many times the difference of opinion makes it difficult for the reader to trust online reviews. Below you will find 5 solid reasons that will make it easier for you to trust online restaurant surveys.

1. Transparency

As customers, we want to know everything when we shop – quality, customer service, returns, discounts, and etc. Unlike before when we had to rely on personal recommendations, you can now find hundreds and thousands of unbiased online reviews on numerous survey sites that let us gain more information about the business.

This information emphasizes the user to at least try the recommended restaurant once and based on their personal experience they can prefer to be the regular customer or say goodbye to the restaurant forever.

2. Customers Depend on Other’s Suggestions

It’s human psyche to take inspiration from what others do. For instance, if you hear good feedback about any particular restaurant, shopping mall or salon from a friend or even from a random person, you would love to give that place a try. Similarly, if you come to know about any negative thing, you would avoid that place and will definitely look for the other options.

3. It’s Not Very Difficult to Spot Fake Reviews

Fake reviews tend to be easy to expose. Luckily, there are ways to help figure out if a testimonial is fabricated. For example,

  1. Fake reviews usually contain lots of superlatives instead of a solid description
  2. Mentioning other people such as ‘my son’ or ‘my wife’
  3. Using the first person singular. Bogus reviews tend to incorporate the frequent use of the words ‘me’ and ‘I’

Regular internet users can immediately spot whether the posted review is fake or legitimate. Hence, they can trust online restaurant surveys without any doubt.

4. It Helps You Make an Informed Decision

When you go through reviews of a particular restaurant, you get to know about the deals, menu, discounts and other offerings based on which you can make a more knowledgeable decision.

5. You can Compare Different Restaurants

If you’re finding a specific restaurant, you can skim through all the available options that offer similar cuisine. For instance, if you’re planning to visit an Italian restaurant this week, you can check out testimonials for different restaurants serving Italian food in your vicinity. Online survey sites provide potential diners with an opportunity to enjoy their dining experience.


You can trust online restaurant survey sites just as much as you can trust anything else in this world. If someone from your friends or family tells you that their dress is very comfortable, are you going to trust them? Are you 100% confident that the same dress would fit and feel just as comfortable on you? What’s the guarantee that you won’t get a damaged piece, even if you order it from a similar place?

Despite all these confusions and risks, you should be thankful that now you have lots of information, comparisons and a general overview of the place you’re about to dine in. It helps you build expectations and have a great satisfactory experience in the end. The only thing you can do is gather as much information as you can. Try to check out different survey sites and collect useful and reliable information that can help you make an informed decision.

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