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It has now been over 40 years since the extraordinary birth of Louisa Brown, the world’s first test tube baby. Louisa was the first human born through Assistive Reproductive Technologies and her birth was a major landmark in the reproductive field.  Since those early days of Assistive Reproduction treatments, there has been a steady advancement in the range of reproductive technologies that allow women to conceive children. The purpose of this article is to give you a brief introduction to one of the most popular fertility treatments currently on the market, IVF treatment.

Types of treatments

Today, there is a vast range of treatments available that deal with the causes of infertility. Many treatments are now available through the mainstream and it is the goal of the Gynem Fertility Clinic to provide specialist tailored advice to allow people to build the family of their dreams. Amongst the common types of treatments available are processes called Ovulation Induction, Natural Cycle Monitoring and Intrauterine Insemination. However, IVF has become synonymous with the word fertility and has been one of the most successful avenues for couples struggling with fertility issues. It is one of the most popular treatments and thus the primary focus of this article.

IVF treatment – explanation

The simple concept of IVF involves bringing the egg and sperm together from outside the body and not through sexual intercourse. Although it is one of the most complex types of Assistive Reproduction Technologies available, the reward far outweighs any obstacles. The success rate of IVF depends on various factors but the age of the woman undergoing the treatment is paramount amongst them. The cause of infertility can also affect the chances of conceiving however before undergoing the treatment, we will ensure that all checks have been made to ensure that IVF is the right treatment for you. Our clinic has extensive experience in providing tailor-made individual advice to our clients and our team of highly-qualified doctors will do a thorough analysis of your situation to make sure that IVF really is the right treatment for you. Needless to say, you will be in safe hands with our specialists and we’ll ensure that you have the maximum chance of success with your treatment.

The IVF Process

The IVF process can be a difficult period for any woman, however, the Gynem Fertility Clinic has experience of making the process as easy as possible and you’ll be dealing with professional experts. Once the egg has become fertilized by the sperm, the egg then becomes a refined embryo that is prepared for the next step of the process, the transferring to the woman’s Uterus. Our clinic staff has performed 100’s of these types of procedures. There are regular coordination and monitoring from our qualified professionals to ensure that the hormonal blood level is steady as well as keeping tabs on follicle growth. The staff at Gynem Fertility Clinic have two decades’ worth of experience in this type of treatment. If required, medication can be administered with the two options available being through injections or through oral means. Although it must be noted that the process can be daunting, the compassion and skill of our team ensure that the process will be as easy as possible. We know the challenges of trying to conceive and we have ensured that everything is optimized to allow for the best chance for this to happen. Despite its complicated nature, we will be here every step of the way with you ensuring a successful conclusion of the IVF treatment.

Interested in learning more about IVF?

It is advisable that before undergoing any fertility treatments to undergo as much research as you can. You can contact our professional team at Gynem.co.uk and we can provide you with further information about IVF, putting your mind at ease. Our clinic has a brand new building with all the latest technologies specially reserved for International clients. All of our doctors are fluent English-speakers and we supply you with 24-7 assistance, including free airport pickup. Choosing the right clinic can be a difficult choice but with Gynem.co.uk you can put your mind at ease knowing that we have extensive experience, fantastic success rates and that we exceed all of the standards of the European Directive.

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