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The professional home décor service providers know how to show off the strength of your house and hide its flaws to give an appealing look to your property and enhance its value.

For this article, we have collected such tips from various professionals across the country and presenting it to the readers who are aiming to freshen up your home interior and exteriors.

1. Set a unique tone to your front door

If you have to give a good first impression on your house, the front door is the ideal option. You may try and change its paint to a more glossy hue. You may also try to make it more fun.

For example, red is considered to be a lucky color. As per the home interior expert, the red door has a ‘welcoming’ appeal, and for churches, it depicts a safe haven. A couple of other options to consider are yellow and orange, which are colors associated with warmth and joy.

If it is an outdated model screen door, try to get rid of it with a full-length glass storm door or so.

2. Try to change wall colors to lighter and neutral

For walls, you may think of colors as gray or beige at least on the first floor of your house. The flow and tone of the paint used is very important.

With a neutral color, you are minimizing any jarring transitions as per expert opinion. Neutral walls may give you more flexibility in terms of switching up accessories. If your house features small rooms, then painting all with the same neutral color tone will help to make them felt larger.

You may look for a single paint strip and then move up or down a single shade or make it two with a subtle variation at different rooms.

3. Arrange the living room furniture to converse with each other

On thinking about a hotel lobby, what comes into your mind may be the furniture which is arranged in such a way to encourage conversation. This same approach can be taken in your living room too.

Try to maintain a similar balance and intimacy. Make it a conversation area, which is rather U-shape or so. A sofa and a couple of chairs are neat enough for a small living space, but try to put it facing each other across a coffee table or in an H-shape with the sofa right across the chairs.

While thinking of home improvement, many people step back being bothered about the cost involved. This is more confusing when you are already in debt, but if you plan a bit effectively, one can easily save money even while in debt to spend on essentials like home decor. Let’s discuss a bit about such debt management steps further.

Debt management tips

There is a high chance that today’s homeowners fall easily into debt. The reason may not just be that they take a mortgage for constructing a home, but there are myriad of other expenses to come into play to put one into the debt chaos.

You may go overboard on spending with credit cards, availing vehicle loans, or sometimes an educational loan, etc. In the long run, you may find the amount you owe becoming intimidating, and may not find ways to clear the debt.

In fact, with a good debt management plan, you can surely get rid of the debt and pay your balances off. We will discuss a few such debt management tips to be included in your plan.

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  1. Use a good budget calculator.

A budget calculator can help you not fall into debt and also to get rid of your existing debts. With debt to fulfill, always try to cut expenses wherever possible. See ways to save more by cooking self than eating out, cut cost on travel, save on cable TV, power, telephone bills, etc.

A good budget calculator will help to keep a close eye on expenses, allocate funds, and save more to pay off debts.

  1. Ramp up the earnings

Most of the time, your salary may not match the cost of living and also to fulfill the additional need of paying off the debt. With this, you have to look for more ways to increase your income.

You may try for a raise at work or seek new opportunities with more pay. You can also explore a second job as a freelancer or consulting if you are eligible.

  1. Negotiating debts

It is also possible to avail of assistance from debt management programs with which you can negotiate with the providers in terms of the credit card repayment or loan repayment etc.

There are also options like debt consolidation in which you have to make only a single payment by converting multiple existing debts into one.

It may sometimes take a few months to a few years to pay off your debts based on the intensity of the debt situation you have, but stick to a good plan, and you can surely make it possible.

Coming back to home decor tips, let’s see a few more budget-friendly tips.

4. Allow ample sunlight in

Window replacement cost is always worth it and can brighten any home. Once installed, try to make the window add-ons more elegant and functional if you plan for it. You may consider lighter sheers for full-length window panels. Allow enough such into your rooms. On considering fabric panels, use lightweight materials like linen, cotton, and silk blends, etc., which hang well.

5. Hang a mirror in each room

Mirrors will help make the room space much larger and brighter. However, it is essential to place the mirror at the right spot to get maximum impact.

Home decor experts suggest placing one mirror in each room, which may not be sometimes possible, but you can try placing one in every other room. The best position for the mirror is to place it perpendicular to the windows rather than placing it across the windows. Handing a mirror opposite to the may bounce the light back out the window.

In fact, there are many more things to be done based on the current structure of your house and the improvement plans you have in mind like flooring rearrangement, applying artworks, layering the lightings, enhancement of ceiling, etc., for which you can approach an expert professional provider and get a personalized quote.

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