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When A-listers such as Ryan Reynolds, Tom Hardy or Zayn Malik walk the red carpet, people can’t help but stop and stare. It’s not just the fact that they’re some of the biggest names in Hollywood, but also because they are some of the most polished-looking men in the world.

How do these stars achieve such perfection? The truth is that they had a lot of help from behind the scenes. Celebrity stylists work around the clock to ensure that not a single hair is out of place on these men.

Want to steal their red-carpet secrets? Here are some of the top celebrity stylists who are revolutionizing the way we think about men’s skincare and male grooming trends:

Diana Schmidtke

Celebrity groomer Diana Schmidtke is quietly leading the men’s grooming revolution. The stylist has been working in the beauty industry since her late teens and has attracted heaps of praise for her male beauty techniques.

Schmidtke works with notable names such as Matt Damon, Lin Manuel Miranda, Ben Affleck, and James Franco, just to name a few. Deemed one of Hollywood’s best male groomers, Schmidtke helps debunk the often-confusing world of men’s grooming.

Diana Schmidtke

Grooming Trend

You won’t catch Christian Bale or Jon Hamm with dull, lackluster hair. Schmidtke’s secret for keeping their hair looking lustrous? A shine spray to keep hair glossy and vibrant.

Thanks to Don Draper in Mad Men, shine is making a huge comeback in the men’s grooming world. Shine spray offers hair a subtle texture and shine without giving it too much of a slicked-back look.

A lightweight shine spray won’t mess up your existing hairstyle, nor will it weigh your hair down. It adds the perfect amount of shine to make your hair appear healthy and effortless.

Kristan Serafino

Shawn Mendes and Ryan Reynolds are already attractive, but celebrity groomer Kristan Serafino somehow manages to elevate their appearance even more. How does she do it?

Serafino is big on men’s skin care and spends extra time on her male clients’ skin care regimen. A glowing complexion is always an attractive feature on the red carpet or on camera.

The stylist also takes care to moisturize her clients’ hands before they go on camera. Why should you moisturize your hands? According to Serafino, it’s because men often gesture with their hands when they talk.

Kristan Serafino

Grooming Trend

Moisturizing and exfoliating are no longer just for women. Men are finally beginning to take their skin care regimen seriously and are now using skincare products made specifically for men.

From men’s moisturizers to men’s anti-aging serums, men now have more options available to them than ever before. Best of all, adopting a proper skin care routine is something that every man can do.

Sara Clark

Sara Clark is a grooming expert who has helped men such as Tom Hiddleston and Lewis Hamilton look their best on camera. The London-based makeup artist and male groomer believe that there is no need for cosmetic surgery when a few simple products will do the trick just fine.

One of Sara’s male grooming hacks is to use eye drops in her clients’ eyes to keep redness at bay. The constant flashing of cameras can dry out the eyes—plus, eye drops are handy for the morning after a late night attending award show parties.

Clark also uses a few subtle makeup products to revitalize men’s skin and hide imperfections. For example, the stylist uses bronzing gel on her male clients in the winter when their skin can become a bit dull.

Grooming Trend

Makeup for men isn’t uncommon in Hollywood. The bright glare of flashing camera lights almost demands men to wear makeup; otherwise, every single pore and blemish will show up on screen.

However, regular guys are also turning to men’s cosmetics to help them achieve a more attractive appearance. In fact, many men are using concealer in a similar fashion as Clark to hide their under-eye bags and conceal redness.

Vaughn Acord

Famed male groomer Vaughn Acord has been in the male beauty industry since the 1970s. The expert stylist has groomed the likes of Daniel Day-Lewis, Tom Brady, Bruce Springsteen, and Richard Gere.

With decades of experience in the men’s grooming industry, the salon owner and celebrity stylist is chock-full of expert advice for men to elevate their appearance. One of his key tips? To make sure that you wear the hairstyle and not let the hairstyle wear you.

Vaughn Acord

Grooming Trend

If you can’t tell by Acord’s clientele, he is extremely popular with men in their 40s and above. Acord has stated in past interviews that he wants every man to feel confident—regardless of their age.

Whether it’s a classic cut or a longer hairstyle, Acord has a knack for helping older men look and feel their best. With his salon and line of men’s grooming products, Acord is slowly helping men realize that there is no shame in taking pride in your appearance.

KC Fee

KC Fee is a Los Angeles-based male groomer who has worked with celebrities such as Matt Smith, Luke Evans, Armie Hammer, and Henry Golding. Trained as a makeup artist, Fee knows all the skin care secrets to get Hollywood’s leading men ready for their next big photo shoot.

Grooming Trend

Thinning hair? KC Fee has a Hollywood grooming secret that you’ll want to hear.

The celebrity stylist says that many of her male celebrities who are thinning on top use hair building fibers to give their hair a fuller-looking appearance. She says these fiber products come in different shades to match the color of your hair and can spot-treat balding areas.

Elevate Your Style Game

Most of us don’t have a team of dedicated celebrity stylists to help us achieve ultimate perfection. However, there is still plenty to learn from these celebrity male groomers.

For most men, all it takes is a simple skin care routine and a carefully sculpted haircut to instantly elevate their appearance. While we can’t promise that you’ll magically look like an A-lister, these grooming trends can give you a boost in confidence.

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