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In 2018, the main trends in cosmetics, beauty and, make-up were the use of CBD oils, body skincare and, the standard bright red lipstick and black cat eyes. However, as asserted by In Style, the beauty, make-up, and cosmetic industry will indeed revamp itself in 2019. With just about nine months left in this year, here are seven beauty, make up and, cosmetic trends to watch out for;

Pink Everywhere

Matching color coordination is a beauty trend in almost every year. However, in 2019, pink will be the primary color used in matching color coordination.

This year, you will probably see many celebrities dressed up in pink while walking down the red carpet. A good example is Emma Stones, who wore full pink make-up during the 2019 Golden Globes Awards.

Moreover, many beauty companies have started to manufacture full pink make-up kits. This year, you will be likely to see a set of eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations, eyeliners and, cheek palettes all in pink. (See also: Simple Eye Brightening Makeup Looks)

Metallic Elements

If you add some metallic elements to your general outlook, you will look amazing! In 2019, more and more people will add metallic details to their overall appearance. Some celebrities, such as Rihanna as well as Nicki Minaj have already given the metallic look an approving nod.

To add metallic details to your outlook, you will have to purchase cosmetics with a metallic finish. These may include metallic lipsticks, glittery liners and, iridescent shadows.

Stained Lips

Stained Lips

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In 2019, the idea of applying lipstick to your lips correctly will be a thing of the past. This year, you don’t need to create a perfect lining on your lips when you use lipstick.

However, you should go for a non-perfect, blurred and, soft impression. Just imagine how your perfect lined lips would be like after eating a handful of popcorns. This is the look that you should go for this year. This look will make you feel more gorgeous, elegant and, sexy.

Healthy, Radiant Skin

In 2019, people will focus more on their skin health. This year, there will be stiff competition between skincare products and, beauty products. In fact, some skincare products which are considered rare will find their way into local beauty stores.

More and more people are getting concerned about the health of their skin. Since a well-nourished and glowing skin contributes to the general beauty of a person, skincare products will be highly cherished in 2019.

Skin Care Capsules and Ampoules

Skin Care Capsules and Ampoules

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In 2019, skincare capsules and, ampoules will be on the rise. These are well-packaged skincare supplements. These supplements contain essential ingredients that can boost your skin’s health.

Ampoules and capsules are usually packaged using glass. They contain useful ingredients like glycolic acid and, Vitamin C which can revitalize your skin health.

However, you can still find capsules and ampoules on the market which are not packaged with glass. Such tablets and vials are coated using an organic, bio-degradable substance.

There are different types of capsules and ampoules. You can purchase your favorite type depending on the ingredients which you need most to revamp your skin’s health.

Coffee Body Scrub

In 2019, many people interested in their beauty will start using a coffee body scrub. The coffee body scrub has many great health benefits.

When you use a coffee body scrub, your skin will become healthier. Coffee body scrub helps in the shedding of dead skin cells and, in the revitalization of new skin cells. With it, you will be assured of a more even tone, better blood circulation and, radiant skin.

Also, coffee body scrub will assist you in eliminating the embarrassing body stretch marks. In fact, this beauty product is the only one in the market today which promises to reduce stretch marks. This is why many people have started to use this product.

Graphical Eyeliners

If you can’t design the perfect cat-eye shape, worry not. This year, many ladies will shift from the normal perfect cat eye towards using graphical eyeliners.

In 2019, as illustrated by Harpers Bazaar, you will see many crazy and, beautiful eyeliner patterns. These patterns will be creatively and uniquely designed. For instance; Amandla Steinberg has already worn a graphical eyeliner in the Golden Globes Event


This year, you will see these beauty trends almost everywhere. These beauty trends will flood your social media pages.

Maybe you are going to attend your high school prom and, you want to look more glamorous. Or perhaps you would look like to mimic a particular celebrity look in your dinner events. In all these situations, you can try to copy these trends so that you can stand out.

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