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Nose pins are a matter of likes and dislikes, there is no in between. While some people like wearing it, some people tend to not get the hype around it. If you are well accustomed to the culture of India, you would know that nose pins have left their imprints since quite long now. Women from all around India wear them and sport the look like a goddess.

If you have been feeling about wearing a nose pin, you are definitely at the right place. In here, we are going to be sharing some of the simple yet classy latest nose pin designs that will take your breath away.

Single diamond pressing pin

The very first in the least is the simplest of the lot. The single diamond pressing pin is often just one stone with a gold or silver ring for support. It is very gently pressed and is often perfect for daily wear. It does add in a very classy and beautiful look to the face. It does go without saying that if you don’t want to over exaggerate but still want to wear nose rings, this is a good enough option.

Multiple diamonds pressing pin

Yet another one of the amazing designs that are a staple for most of the girls is the multiple diamond pressing pin. This doesn’t just look trendy; it does go well and accentuates any kind of traditional dresses. If you have been planning on attending a family function, this does seem like a good enough option.

Bridal nose pins

It goes without saying that just the mention of bridal makes it extravagant. These nose pins are custom made for the brides and do help in contributing to the beauty of the bride. These are quite huge and heavy and are meant to be worn on the special day of marriage itself. Owing to the fact that not many brides feel comfortable piercing their noses just for the marriage tend to opt for the pressing nose pins. They look big and heavy but in reality, they are very comfortable and light.

Silver pressing nose pin

These are amazing for girls who like to add in a nose pin with their western outfits. There are a plethora of options at Melorra jewelry for the same that you can try out without a speck of doubt. It is quite trendy among the teen and college going girls who are just done with the traditional gold nose pins.

Maharashtrian nose pin

Last but not least is the Maharashtrian nose pin, otherwise known as the Nath. It is quite a traditional piece made of pearls and beads and looks amazing with traditional wear. It is best suggested to ensure that you check how it would look before purchasing because it doesn’t look the best on everyone.

Having varying types of nose pins gives you the choice to see through. You would be surprised how many types are available, the majority of them being the pressing nose pins.

We all have guilty pleasures and for some of us, it is buying jewelry. The cons to this would mean a lot of money would be spent just on jewelry. This can be distressing and we could possibly lose all our money in buying jewelry. A good possibility of both saving money and delving into the world of jewelry would be to buy cheap jewelry. Although a worthy option, it is often tricky to have good access to cheap jewelry.  Therefore a guide to having jewelry that is cheap is often helpful for the jewelry lovers.

Here are 5 tips on purchasing  jewelry at cheap prices:

  1. Small shops: When the option is both to save money and buy jewelry, roadside stalls are the best. Vendors often sell and make a living out of cheap jewelry. If you visit a big shopping center like Tiffany’s it is pretty sure that you would not be able to buy anything for yourself. It would also be very heavy on your pockets. This is why small street-side stalls will be extremely beneficial for your goal of buying cheap jewelry.
  2. Installments: If you still wish to buy jewelry that is expensive but you have a pretty low budget, it is best to buy your favorite nose stud from the big shops through installments. Each month you can pay a small amount of money and an interest that would help you pay for your nose stud and also you could flaunt it dashingly. You could buy your favorite jewelry from
  3. Buying Silver: If you are a jewelry freak, silver might be an option you can choose from. This exquisite collection can overpower gold jewelry anytime. Silver also provides a strong contrast to gemstones such as topaz, amber, pearl, ruby, and others. Silver is also cheap at many stores than all other materials of jewelry. It shall be a good catch to be both fashionable and classy at very low prices.
  4. Pearls: Another one of the cheapest of all jewelry would be pearls. Pearls are categorized into three different grades: cultured pearl, imitation pearl, and natural pearls. Even though the cultured pearl and imitation pearls cost really low, natural pearls can cost a little higher than that. These also compliment to many styles and beauty.
  5. Birthstones: A good jewelry that would also be cheap would be good birthstones and gemstones. They are fashionable and are in trend. Moonstones, sapphires, rubies, synthetic gemstones are all cheap and would suit your pocket any time of the month. In most cases, synthetic gemstones are as fashionable as normal gemstones.

Shopping for jewelry can really stress you out but with the help of this guide, it can be easily redeemed. Overall, shopping for jewelry is therapeutic and ensures that you always stay fashionable. Repairs and revamps in old jewelry are also affordable at very low rates in the market. Also, fake jewelry found in the market are also cheap and are easily available.

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