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Swimming is simply loved by Singapore people be it for relaxation or as a career choice. It produces the maximum number of contestants participating in South-East Asian games and the Olympics. There is no age for swimming in Singapore. From adults to toddlers and even disabled children you will find learning swimming in Singapore.

The agencies there take exceptional care for different level students and train them accordingly so that they can learn competitive level swimming and also enjoy the cool waters of the pool beating the hot sun. The following are the 7 best swimming agencies in Singapore providing swimming lesson for adults.

1. Singapore Swimming Academy 

This is one of the oldest and reputed swimming agencies in Singapore dating back to 2008. The agency boasts of having more than 353 full-time Singapore Sports agency certified instructors to provide extensive adult swimming lessons and advanced CPR programs.

It teaches different swimming lessons like- Frontcrawl, breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke for the beginner and intermediate levels while for the advanced level, it teaches Total immersion and life-saving course. It also provides proficiency awards to students for excellent performances. (Site link)

2. Happy Fish

This is another finest swimming agency in Singapore providing adult swimming lessons. It boasts of a strong team of more than 300 certified swimming experts providing lessons for the bigger groups as well as for smaller and 1 to 1 private lesson.

In the beginner level, it teaches the basic strokes, while in the intermediate level freestyle, breaststroke, threading water, diving and in advanced level it teaches backstroke, butterfly, somersault and stroke corrections. It also has special swimming programs for families and pregnant women. (Site link)

3. SwimHub

This agency is renowned in Singapore for its private adult swimming lessons. It usually provides 1 to 1 lesson or in small swimming groups for both beginner and advanced level with proper care and attention. It is also flexible in terms of schedules. So, if you are a working person; you can fix schedules while joining as per your convenience.

The swimming program here focuses on your muscle relaxation, health benefits and teaches you four major swimming strokes- Frontcrawl, Breaststroke, Backstroke, and Butterfly. It also provides comfort swimming lessons for women having well-certified female coaches. (Site link)

4. Swimsafer

It is a famous adult swimming agency in Singapore providing lessons for all age groups. The adult swimming lessons here are the professional ones to make you learn serious swimming in 3 stages starting from beginner, advanced to the professional level. (See also: First Infant Swimming Lessons – Top Tips for Parents)

It provides lessons on- water behaviors, how to dive in the pool, different swimming styles like breaststroke, butterfly, free stroke, backstroke, advanced lifesaving courses, and water safety lessons. It even presents Bronze, silver and gold award to students based on their proficiency at different levels. (Site link)

5. Fitness Champs

As the name suggests, this agency in Singapore strictly adheres to the health and fitness of the students through extensive swimming lessons. It houses various certified male and female coaches to provide lessons on the 6 major strokes of adult swimming like- Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly, Survival Backstroke, and Side Kick.

It also focuses on Stroke correction, diving techniques, and provides lessons on advanced swim safer program. The agency also tests students based on 6 stages in swim safer program and presents them with bronze, silver, and gold proficiency award as per performance. (Site link)

6. Isplash Swim School

Isplash Swimming agency in Singapore has more than 200 certified training professionals to provide thorough swimming lessons to students with fun, efficiency and safety measures. It provides in-house swimming lessons in multiple locations and helps you choose one as per your convenience with an allotted instructor.

The basic level lessons here are about earning water behavior, floating exercises, and freestyle swimming strokes like breaststroke. The intermediate level teaches the diving techniques, water drills, thread water, and a few more swimming strokes. The advanced level teaches butterfly, backstroke and other deep water swimming styles. (Site link)

7. Swish Swimming

It is a popular swimming agency in Singapore that provides both indoor and outdoor swimming lessons. It houses certified swimming instructors to help you with the right set of swimming skills and the organization is also the sole distributor of Singapore’s Mahina Marfin.

It provides adult swimming lessons for all age groups starting from the young adults to the elder ones. Along with swimming strokes, and diving techniques the organization also teaches adventure water-sport activities like Paddle boating, body-boarding, surfing, waterskiing and many more. (Site link)

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