Mental Health Benefits of Minimalism

It may seem very ironic to hear “less is more” but it holds true.

The concept of minimalism is a lifestyle wherein the beauty of less is highlighted and appreciated in contrast to the worldly goals of accumulation and supposed wealth.

But health is wealth and sometimes, material wealth can cause stress and damage to mental or physical health.

This is not to put down worldly goals or desires but if you deem it’s not for you, maybe minimalism is an aspect you can look into, and here are some reasons why.

1. Enough Space

Decluttering allows you to have some space which is very helpful in the mental state. It is not surprising why Marie Kondo became popular with her minimalist philosophy and techniques.

Decluttering can be tough as humans all naturally have the instinct to cling on to various things. But with enough critical thinking, you can let go of what doesn’t serve you.

These may be both tangible or intangible things — items inside your homes or various activities you try to fit into your schedules just so you can be “productive”.

Take it slow, the world was once at a slower pace and no one was condemned for it. The present life may be in a happy state for instantaneous things but not everything nor everyone is supposed to be like that. This also helps reduce that feeling of inner toxicity.

2. Finances

Sometimes, the more we have born more responsibility along with it. More cars mean more garages. More houses mean more maintenance and keepers. More children mean more responsibilities.

The world may admire those who have more but why seek admiration at the cost of your mental well-being?

Knowing when is enough and having a balanced lifestyle may be the correct path to true happiness.

The spare money from the supposed material wealth may come in handy, too, for spontaneous fun, activities, or travel that may enable you to further enrich your life experiences and time on earth. This helps reduce anxiety.

3. Discipline

With minimalism, you learn to be in control of yourself as well.

When you are able to discipline yourself and assess what you truly need and want, you get to have that inner power that manifests in various aspects of your life — diet and health, business-making decisions, social bonds, and so on.

You may say that it helps you mature into wisely spending your time, energy, and resources on better life choices. 

4. Environmental Impact

Minimalism also somehow helps in environmental health. Carbon footprint is lessened so it has that subtle effect in reducing landfill problems and decline in natural resources.

Practicing minimalism sometimes influences others and when it spreads, the greater positive environmental impact it will have.

5. Social Image

Although this is not the primary goal of minimalism, it still has that positive social impact when you have that discipline and strength to minimize your lifestyle. Just because you live a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean that you’re plain or boring because you let yourself shine, not your worldly assets.

You get to highlight your personality, charisma, charm, skills, or talents rather than what you have. When all of those material things are gone, what is left of who you are? Let you define yourself, not what you have.

Not everyone may like minimalism but there are some practices or ideas here that can still be applied to your lifestyle if you want.

Minimalism doesn’t pressure anyone to shave their head and let go of everything. It is only here to remind you that yes, you are allowed to let go, take it slow, and breathe. 

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