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To get relief from pain, many people choose the option to take over the counter medicine. The ‘over the counter’ drug can be effective at certain times; however, those medicines have a long-term side effect. On the other hand, the prescribed medications have a tendency to be addictive. You do not have to look far if you want a more natural solution to your pain. Here are some ways to treat your pain without immediately heading for the pharmacy or to the specialists.

1. Try Acupuncture

Try Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is the practice of specifically placing needles at points all over the body, in order to alleviate a variety of different symptoms. Although the process has existed for thousands of years in China, the technique is still relatively new in Western countries. It can also help with a few varieties of mental disorders as well, such as anxiety and depression. You can meet with an acupuncturist and attend some sessions to get your pain treated. Typically a treatment course can have six to twelve sessions over three months period. The process of acupuncture involves inserting ‘acupuncturing needles'(minimum four to maximum 10)  by a specialized acupuncturist to the required area. The person leaves the needles in that area for several minutes (usually 10 to 30 minutes). The process is safe and can be considered as an effective alternative to medicine.

2. Consider Cannabis

Consider Cannabis

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Because of the legalization in several states in the US, cannabis is growing in popularity as an ideal solution for many chronic conditions. If you are an amateur to the world of marijuana, then you may want to do research to see what type of product is best for your needs. Consider visiting a dispensary in your area that can provide you with all of the necessary facts. That is how you can make an informed decision on what types of cannabis to use.

3. Stretch Regularly 

Stretch Regularly

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Mainly if your pain is in your muscles or joints, it may be a good idea to talk to your general physician or physical therapist about stretches. So that you can perform the stretches on a daily basis to be more limber and lessen your pain. If you want an activity that will also burn calories, you can try walking, Pilates, so that you are getting in a good workout. At the same time, you are ensuring that your muscles are in shape. For less pressure on your joints, try a water aerobics class or swimming.

4. Reduce Inflammation with Diet

Reduce Inflammation with Diet

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One of the primary causes of joint and muscle pain is inflammation. With a few simple changes to your diet, you can drastically lower the amount of swelling that you experience, which can also help to alleviate pain and discomfort. Foods that are culprits for inflammation are often high in fat. Adding veggies and fruits to your meal plan is a great way to ensure that you are getting the nutrients needed to fight inflammation. In particular, leafy greens like spinach and kale, as well as fish and berries, are the most effective.

5. Yoga


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As long as you need to get physically fit, you cannot reach the ultimate level of being until you are mentally fit as well. Yoga is such an exercise that can get you both mental and physical fitness. People have been practicing yoga exercise for a very long time, and since then, several types of yoga have been developed. Yoga is different from other fitness exercises because it helps in stretching and strengthening the muscles by meditation, controlling the breathing and other movements. Many people got relieved from chronic pains like migraine, arthritis, low back pain by merely involving themselves in practicing yoga. There are many yoga centers that you can get enrolled in, or you can practice yoga by watching videos that are available on the internet. Usually, yoga sessions last for 45 to 90 minutes, but initially start practicing for 10 to 20 minutes per day to get accustomed at first. Not only can you get a cure from pain, but yoga will also help you in improving your mood and psychological well being.

With these options, you will not need to visit a doctor to treat your pain. You can use a natural solution and begin to take back control of your own health.

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