Meniere's Disease Treatments

Meniere’s disease is a relatively uncommon disease that involves inner ear problems resulting in vertigo attacks accompanied by ringing of the ears, partial hearing loss, and feelings of congestion or pressure in the ear.

Although the cause of Meniere’s disease remains uncertain, it could result from improper levels or pressure of fluid within the inner ear.

In most cases, patients have just a few signs of the illness, and Menier’s disease usually affects only one ear.

Furthermore, it cannot be treated, and there are currently no known cures for it, yet it occurs mostly among middle-aged people.

Therefore let’s continue reading because this will help us understand Meniere’s disease and how biomagnetism works to heal and also suggest other therapies.


Meniere’s disease gets into remission slowly and can reoccur. There are three stages of Meniere’s disease, based on the severity and frequency of symptoms:

Stage 1: During this stage, an individual will experience severe dizziness which could range from between twenty minutes to one day. These are some of the signs that appear together with stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, and even deafness.

Moreover, people with this disease might also experience a sense of fullness or pressure within the ear. They can happen days, weeks, or even months apart, and a person may feel perfectly normal in between them.

Stage 2: The second phase involves a decline in the frequency of dizziness which is replaced with chronic ear noise and permanent hearing loss. The person may have moments of imbalance and dizziness unrelated to vertigo attacks. This can include a sensation of fullness, or pressure, in the ear that lasts or even gets worse.

Stage 3: Thirdly, during this part, the attack of vertigo becomes rare or even stops while the deafness and ringing in the ear deteriorate to an extreme state that is long-lasting. Also, a person may experience chronic balance problems as well as unsteadiness while standing or walking.


Meniere's Disease Symptoms

The main symptoms of Meniere’s disease are:

Vertigo: Such a feeling as rotating or rotary around a standing position.

  • It induces nausea, vomiting, sweats, and problems in concentration or focus.
  • Head movements, changes of position, and stress have been associated with causing vertigo.
  • It is either mild, moderate, or severe and may last from minutes to hours. 

Tinnitus: It is like hearing a ringing, buzzing, hissing, or roaring sound in your ear. Its intensity is measured in frequency, and it may be continuous, discontinuous or it could even change in intensity, or both pitch and volume. Tinnitus impacts hearing and concentration capabilities, leading to anxiety and stress.

Hearing loss: This is a reduced capability to perceive sounds, particularly low-frequency or high-frequency sounds. Hearing loss may be of different natures, ranging from a weak one to an extremely severe one that can either affect one ear or both. Hearing loss can be either temporary or permanent, and it may deteriorate with age.

Meniere’s disease has no remedy; however, there are treatments such as biomagnetism, a natural healing therapy that can help manage the symptoms and prevent complications.



Biomagnetism is also known as magnetic therapy or alternative therapy, used to address imbalanced pH levels within the body. It enhances immunity and cures the causal aspect of diseases such as Meniere’s disease.

As per the biomagnetism theory, it is assumed that meniére’s disease results from a pH imbalance in the inner ears with consequent inflammation and fluid accumulation.

The therapy involves the application of magnetic fields onto specific points of the body to restore the pH balance within the body and relieve pain and symptoms associated with Meniere’s disease.

Benefits of Biomagnetism for Meniere’s Disease

Improved Blood Circulation: Improves the blood circulation of the inner ear, hence better oxygenation and nutrition levels against the symptoms of Meniere’s disease.

Reduction in Inflammation: Reduction in Inflammation: This raises anti-inflammatory results, which might relieve Meniere’s illness symptoms of vertigo, among others, by decreasing swelling within the internal ears.

Balancing Energy Fields: Balances the body’s energy fields, which might cause Meniere’s disease, stabilizes and decreases the intensity and frequency of symptoms.

Stress Reduction: Regarding stress and its relationship with Meniere’s symptoms, the calming properties of biomagnetism may aid in improving general health conditions among those suffering from the disorder.

Complementary Approach: Biomagnetism is classified as an alternative type of treatment, which has been employed simultaneously with conventional therapy for many decades now. Biomagnetism combined with recommended treatment regimes could provide a more effective and holistic way of relieving symptoms experienced by the participants in this study.

Individualized Treatment: However, the treatment process is individually determined, because each person’s specific points for the magnet location are defined by his or her individual imbalance energy and health indicators. The approach applies because Meniere’s disease manifests in various forms for different patients.

Alternative Treatment for Meniere’s Disease

Alternative Treatment for Meniere’s Disease


Acupuncture is one of the traditional practices of Chinese medicine, where small needles are inserted into specific parts of the body. Reducing inflammation, relaxing the muscles, and balancing the immune system could have helped. A few studies have depicted that acupuncture can be useful for controlling the symptoms of Meniere’s disease and improving their quality of life; yet, more investigation is required to validate its effectiveness and safety.

Herbal and natural remedies:

For example, ginger, garlic, and vitamin B12 can provide some anti-inflammatory or relief properties. Nevertheless, these supplements can also cause some undesirable effects as well as interact with other drugs, hence should only be taken with proper guidance by a medical expert.

Breathing exercises:

The breathing exercises can serve to lower anxiety, promote better circulation of blood, and increase oxygen availability for the inner ear. Such techniques encompass pursed-lip breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, and Buteyko breathing.


Yoga is a body and mind exercise that incorporates posture, breathing, meditation, and simple exercise. This could also assist in improving the balancing, flexibility, well-being, reduction of stress and anxiety, and inflammation in Meniere’s patients.

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FAQs for Biomagnetism & Meniere’s Disease

Can biomagnetism cure Meniere’s disease?

Biomagnetism does not completely cure the treatment of Meniere’s. Some people have found biomagnetism helpful in relieving their symptoms from this disease and enhancing overall health. However, we should view biomagnetism as an adjunct rather than a replacement for evidence-based medicine approaches.

Can biomagnetism be self-administered for Meniere’s disease?

Although some people may apply biomagnetic products within their homes, such treatment should be carried out under the supervision of an experienced specialist in the field of biomagnetism. Magnets are sometimes placed for an individual with the consultation of a specialist to achieve more directed and powerful treatment for Meniere’s syndrome symptoms.

Is biomagnetism suitable for all individuals with Meniere’s disease?

Persons interested in using biomagnetism for treating Meniere’s disease should inform their health professionals before starting to use the treatment, especially those who have preexisting health conditions and taking certain medications. Biomagnetism should be used alongside, not in competition, with other prescribed medicines.

A Short Note to Read on

Biomagnetism is the real option if you want natural and complete healing.

Individuals are advised to discuss with their healthcare providers before embarking on this therapy for a proper treatment program for Meniere’s disease.

Healthcare providers should also be enlightened on alternative treatments, such as biomagnetism, for coordination and evaluation purposes.

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