Cross Training

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If you are a fervent athlete, you might have noticed by now that different training methods often come with different shortcomings. While a particular routine might be good for your fitness, it might not be ideal for your performance. This is where the importance of cross-training comes into play.

So, what’s cross training?

Cross training is a technique that involves combining various exercises or modes of training into vigorous productive workouts that aim at improving your fitness, performance, strength, and flexibility. This form of training is not only comprehensive but also works to supplement the shortcomings of various training methods. Below are some of the reasons why you should try cross-training.

#. Injury Prevention

Different modes of training aimed at improving different muscle groups in your body. Overloading your body with the same routine day in day out will subsequently increase the likelihood of injury. To avoid overloading vulnerable areas such as joints, ligaments, and muscles, cross training is often recommended.

This exercise regimen neutralizes the imbalance by giving overused parts the much-needed rest that they require. It is always recommended to use training gears like grips, shoes for CrossFit, shorts for proper and injury free training. However, it should be accepted that cross-trainers can face certain overuse problems due to an unbalanced exercise schedule, inadequate muscle rest, or both.

#2. Body Conditioning

The dream of every fitness enthusiast is to have a body that portrays strength, speed, vigor, and endurance. Cross training effectively works to enhance all your physical attributes, including trimming fat and increasing muscle tone. The most amazing part is that this mode of training does not focus on one particular attribute at a time, but works to improve all attributes simultaneously. In essence, you can increase your speed, trim fat and gain muscles all in one cross-training session.

#3. Enhanced Exercise Adherence

The majority of people who take up exercise programs often drop out midway due to boredom or lack of commitment. This is because most training programs focus on the same routine and it is very easy to get bored when you are doing the same workout routine every day. If you fall into this category of people, then you should try cross-training. This mode of training adds variety to workout routines, making it a safe and easy way to enjoy your exercises. This goes a long way in promoting exercise adherence while eliminating boredom.

#4. Active Recovery

Active recovery is a cross training workout routine that aims at helping your body recover from the intensity of your primary training regimens. It focuses on improving the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles for fast recovery. Research shows that remaining active even during your off days plays a crucial role in boosting the recovery process.

#5. Weight Loss

If you are having trouble shading that belly fat or any other excess body fat, then you should consider cross training rather than use harmful supplements. Cross training is considered as one of the safest and most effective ways of burning calories. This is because it combines more than one workout routine, making it faster and far more effective.

Research has indicated that weight loss goal is best worked when individuals train for longer durations (i.e., more than 20 minutes) at a good intensity level like 60% to 85% of maximal heart rate). Overweight persons can effectively reduce fat stores and body weight by doing two or more physical workouts in a cross-training program. For example, they can work out on an elliptical for 30 to 35 minutes and then cycle for an additional 20 to 25 minutes.

The important fundamentals of cross training are the same whether you are practicing for improving health and fitness or for competition. Try varying your workout program from exercise to exercise by doing different activities, or simply add a new form of training such as a boot-camp class, Pilates or resistance training to your existing exercise schedule.

From the look of things, cross Training is without a doubt one of the best ways of improving your athleticism. By executing it correctly, this mode of training guarantees gains in strength and fitness for maximum overall performance. Step out of your comfort zone and try it today!

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