Breast Augmentation

After getting the breast augmentation (also called boob job), women are agog to show off their new “curves” and enjoy their improved looks to the fullest. Be patient! Before that happens, you should carefully plan your postoperative routine for healthy and comfortable recovery.

The following 5 tips can help you have a fast recovery and achieve the best results after breast augmentation.

1. Sleep on Your Back

If you are used to lying on your side or belly when sleeping, consider changing that habit after your breast augmentation surgery. Your implants may get deformed or displaced if you prefer to sleep in these positions while recovering from your surgery.

So it is very important to sleep on the back until the implants become settled into place altogether. You are advised to prop up your head with an additional pillow while lying on your back. This is proven to be the best sleeping position during the recovery process.

2. Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects

You should take it easy and give yourself a well-deserved break after the breast augmentation. This is especially true for the first few weeks of your recovery. Be sure to put all the vigorous physical activities and workout routines on hold during that period of time. Also, avoid heavy lifting in and around your home. You mustn’t carry grocery bags, do laundry, pick up your children, and the similar things that can strain your body.

3. Wear the Appropriate Brassiere

After getting implants, your surgeon will suggest wearing a surgical bra which is specially designed for such a purpose. So make sure to wear this brassiere as long as your cosmetic surgeon recommended, or at least during the first phase of your recovery. When switching to another bra, choose one that is comfortable and doesn’t have underwire. A sports bra would be your best choice.

Here’s another tip. Don’t purchase a lot of new brassieres after surgery since the way they fit is going to change over the first several weeks as your breast augmentation results develop.

4. Do Not Smoke

Your doctor will probably recommend quitting smoking for a while. That’s because tobacco may disrupt the healing process of your body. Most cosmetic surgeons advise patients not to smoke 4-6 weeks before as well as 4-6 weeks after the breast enhancement. This is a good opportunity to give up smoking forever.

Apart from the cigarettes, you should consider avoiding alcohol after surgery, as it can affect your recovery in a negative way.

5. See Your Surgeon

Be sure to check in with your doctor throughout the recovery process and schedule follows up appointments on a regular basis. That will allow your cosmetic surgeon assess how well you are healing after breast augmentation surgery and notice complications with your implants if any. Don’t hesitate to ask about your results and everything you want to know. As for the physical activity, make sure to consult your surgeon prior to introducing any new level of your workout routine.

At last, you should get familiar with other cosmetic breast surgery options aside from breast augmentation. Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute boasts a carefully-selected team of medical staff and thorough recruitment process. That ensures the high-quality patient care and the best surgery results. (See also: Guide to Exercising After Breast Augmentation Surgery)

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